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Travel An Island Retreat Just For Women

An Island Retreat Just For Women

An Island Retreat Just For Women
February 21, 2018
SuperShe Island is set to open off coast of the Finland, where women can recharge, restore and relax.

Currently under construction on an island off the coast of Finland, SuperShe Island is the vision of lifestyle blogger Kristina Roth, who snapped up the property with the intention of turning it into a luxury retreat for women only. 

The 8.4 acre-island will focus on health and wellness, and feature 10 cabins with "spa-esque" amenities.

Weeklong, all-inclusive escapades are priced at about US$3,500 and will include yoga and fitness sessions as well as cooking classes

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In an interview, Roth, a former New York consultant turned lifestyle blogger, said she came up with the idea for a women-only retreat after noting that the presence of male company during what were supposed to be restorative vacations drove women to "put on lipstick" instead of being completely at ease. 

Though she already owns land in Turks and Caicos, Roth said her Finnish boyfriend and his family brought the island, which is 90 minutes away from Helsinki, to her attention. After exploring the quiet, wooded land, she fell in love and saw its potential as a place to recharge. 

To be able to book a stay, however, guests have to apply for an "exclusive membership" that includes full vetting and interviews over Skype. SuperShe Island is set to open in June.


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