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Travel Singaporediscovers Vouchers Scheme Extended to End-December 2021

Singaporediscovers Vouchers Scheme Extended to End-December 2021

Singaporediscovers Vouchers Scheme Extended to End-December 2021
By Andrea Saadan
By Andrea Saadan
April 30, 2021
STB will also introduce enhancements to make it easier for Singapore citizens to use their vouchers and support tourism businesses

Haven't redeemed your Singaporediscovers vouchers? Fret not because the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has announced that the Singaporediscovers vouchers (SRV) scheme will be extended to the end of 2021.

In a press statement on April 30, STB said the scheme will now be extended to December 31. Earlier this month, it was reported that about three-quarters of adult Singaporeans (or about 2.2 million people) have yet to use their Singaporediscover vouchers. Only about 760,000 Singaporeans used their vouchers at least once, as of March 28. 

The Singaporediscover vouchers are digital credits that can be used to offset spending on domestic tourism, including hotel stays and attractions. Under the initiative, announced in September 2020, every Singaporean aged 18 and above will be receiving $100 in digital vouchers, given in denominations of $10.

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STB will also be introducing "enhancements" that will make it easier for Singaporeans to redeem and use the vouchers, which were originally supposed to be used by the end of June. 

Said STB chief executive Keith Tan: "Since the launch of the Singaporediscovers campaign and the SRV scheme last year, we have been heartened by the tourism sector’s efforts to create new products and experiences for locals."

“Many Singaporeans have also given us useful suggestions to improve the SRV scheme. I thank them for their feedback, which we have studied carefully together with the five authorised booking partners. We have made some improvements in the last few months, and will continue to do so, so that more Singaporeans can rediscover Singapore using their Vouchers.”

As of April 30, over a million adult Singapore citizens have used their SRV at least once, making a total of 1.3 million transactions. To date, the SRV scheme has contributed over $200 million to Singapore’s tourism-related businesses, STB said in its press release.

It added that both large and smaller merchants have seen an uplift in their revenues since the launch of the SRV scheme in December 2020. STB said it "has observed strong interest in attraction bookings", which make up more than half of all SRV transactions. But the most popular redemption seems to have gone towards hotel bookings, which have seen the highest transaction revenue.

Additionally, tour bookings have also more than tripled between April 2021 and December 2020.

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Redemptions using NRIC

To redeem their SRV online, Singaporeans must log in to their Singpass account and book their preferred products through any of the five authorised booking partners. For those who need more help, these partners provide booking assistance at physical counters located within or near Community Centres/Clubs (CCs).

From the third quarter of 2021, citizens who are unable to access their Singpass account may visit over 30 CCs to redeem their Vouchers using their NRICs. Authorised SRV ambassadors will scan their NRIC using a secure Government mobile application, while staff from authorised booking partners will assist with booking SRV-eligible products. For a shorter waiting time, citizens are advised to decide on the product they want and their preferred dates before visiting these counters.

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Easier redemptions and better deals

STB said it will work closely with authorised booking partners and merchants to extend the validity of SRV-eligible products. Products that are valid from July 1 can be purchased from June 1.

To make it easier to search for SRV-eligible offerings on a single portal, STB will enhance the SRV website to feature more monthly deals from all five authorised booking partners, as well as information on the various SRV donation drives. The tourism board also said it will continue to enhance the redemption process, including working with attractions to make it easier for users to book timeslots for their products.


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