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Art Design Mood Board: PC Ee of Industry+ Hand-Picks Asian Designs and Other Stylish Accent Pieces

Mood Board: PC Ee of Industry+ Hand-Picks Asian Designs and Other Stylish Accent Pieces

PC Ee, co-founder of Industry+. Portrait photography: Benny Loh, assisted by Samuel Gan
By Hong Xinying
By Hong Xinying
April 20, 2020
As the co-founder of local design brand Industry+, PC Ee has a knack for spotting talent. Here, he picks out the objects that he’s most intrigued by right now

PC Ee’s love for design frequently takes him to fairs and exhibitions around the world; he’s also a passionate supporter of homegrown talents. Ee co-founded Industry+ with Yoichi Nakamuta in 2014, with the goal of giving designers a platform to showcase their newest work.

Their brand currently edits, develops and produces furniture and lighting collections, as well as accessories with top designers and emerging names in Singapore and beyond.

The brand will soon launch Eclecticism later this year—this installation will feature collaborative collections created with local designers such as Mike Lim of DP Design, as well as President*s Design Award recipients Hans Tan and Nathan Yong.

Here, he picks out some of the highlights from the Eclecticism collection, as well as other intriguing pieces that will make elegant additions to your home.

1/6 Industry+ soft chair by Nathan Yong

Clad in a super-slim layer of marble and fabricated by MM Galleri, this chair is one of the visual highlights of the Eclecticism collection that Industry+ plans to present later this year. “Soft defies our expectations of marble furniture with its fluid yet strong curves,” says Ee.

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2/6 Industry+ Sarong Party vase by Hans Tan

Named after the sarong kebayas worn by Singapore Airlines flight attendants, part of the original glaze of this vessel is stripped away, then a resist-blast layer is added; the latter features motifs inspired by batik textiles. This collection will soon be launched as part of the Eclecticism showcase by Industry+.

3/6 Shallows Vases by Critiba

First launched in 2016, Shallows is a series of vases known for its beautiful simplicity—the vessels create the illusion of a floating plant, thanks to its almost-invisible cylindrical hole at its centre.

10 per cent of the proceeds from the Shallows vases will be donated to the Sayang Sayang fund, an initiative by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), which gives out transport vouchers to front-line staff working at local hospitals and polyclinics, as well as vulnerable communities affected by the current Covid-19 measures.

Available from Industry+

4/6 Geology Mirror by CCKW

This piece features various stones UV-bonded to a piece of glass. Silver-nitrate solution and a layer of black paint are applied to enhance reflectivity. “CCKW captures the poetic motion of silver-on-glass in this beautiful object,” says Ee.

Available from The Future Perfect

5/6 Industry+ Essential table by Viewport Studio

Also launching soon as part of the Eclecticism showcase, pieces of reclaimed timber are given a new lease of life with this table collection, which uses a minimal amount of machining—meaning no excess material is used on decorative elements. The tables come in various shapes and sizes, as each piece comprises wooden pieces that are used as they are.

“It gives life to obsolete construction materials using only the essential amount of machining to achieve their functions,” says Ee. The result is a table that combines functional design with the rugged beauty of the material.

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6/6 Industry+ Tingkat portable furniture collection by Mike Lim

The work of DP Design director Mike Lim, the Tingkat collection is inspired by traditional fishing baskets. Comprising tables and stools, these pieces have been designed to be easily carried around and used both indoors and out. “It’s a new typology of nomadic furniture that translates habits of the past into a living style for the future,” says Ee. The collection will also debut as part of the Eclecticism installation.

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