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Art Design Singapore Airlines Has Launched A New Batik Print And Corporate Jingle

Singapore Airlines Has Launched A New Batik Print And Corporate Jingle

Singapore Airlines Has Launched A New Batik Print And Corporate Jingle
By Andrea Saadan
April 07, 2021
The sonic signature draws inspiration from the new SIA batik motif

National carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched its new sonic signature, the Sound of Singapore Airlines. The sonic signature comprises a variety of instrumental tracks that will be played on board the aircraft during boarding and landing, in Silverkris lounges, and at other customer touchpoints such as SIA service centres. 

It can be heard on SIA’s social media channels as of today. Sonic signatures are commonly used by companies and brands to develop sounds that can be instantly associated with them.

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SIA’s sonic signature was composed by award-winning composer Rohan De Livera, drawing inspiration from the new SIA batik motif.

De Livera and musician Dominic Murcott, along with members from the SIA cabin crew and ground staff, spent several weeks developing the colour frequencies of the flowers in the batik motif into 14 sets of melodic fragments. SIA’s iconic A Great Way to Fly jingle was also incorporated into each track. 

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The new SIA batik motif was launched on March 26 via a two-minute film on SIA’s Facebook page and has already been incorporated in merchandise sold on KrisShop.

The design draws its inspiration from the original batik motif of the iconic SIA cabin crew sarong kebaya, as well as 10 flowers native to Singapore.

While it will not replace the original batik motif of the SIA cabin crew’s iconic sarong kebaya uniforms, SIA will incorporate the new motif in upcoming marketing and branding purposes.

Lee Lik Hsin, Executive Vice President Commercial, SIA said: “The Sound of Singapore Airlines embodies both our heritage and a seamless flying experience, supported by new digital solutions while reinforcing the world-class service standards that the Airline is known for. This is a melody that will resonate with our customers, and will be easily associated with their travels onboard Singapore Airlines.”

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