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Art Design This Luxury Mattress Has A Diamond-Infused Layer That Gives You Better Sleep

This Luxury Mattress Has A Diamond-Infused Layer That Gives You Better Sleep

This Luxury Mattress Has A Diamond-Infused Layer That Gives You Better Sleep
By Tan Wei Lin
February 26, 2021
Find out what the precious gemstone can do for sleep and how Simmons is using it in its Beautyrest Black series

Anyone who has ever suffered from the ill effects of a sleepless night will be able to fully appreciate the importance of quality sleep. Of course, there are many factors that can impact your sleep, or whether you are even able to easily fall asleep, but the most important of them all is surely the mattress that you rest on nightly. 

Not only can an unsuitable or uncomfortable mattress give you a persistent backache, it will also disrupt your slumber and hinder your ability to fall into deep sleep—the stage of sleep in which the body starts repairing itself. On top of that, continuous sleep—the longer the better—is also crucial in the body’s healing processes. This explains why a person can get seven hours of sleep but still feel unrested in the morning, if his or her sleep is interrupted.

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According to premium mattress maker Simmons, the average person tosses and turns in bed between 40 and 60 times a night. Apart from that, when you sleep with a partner, the number of movements increases and so does the potential to wake up and disturb your sleep cycle. This makes selecting a good mattress that’s ideal for your specific needs ever more crucial, if you’ve hardly ever been able to wake up feeling energised and refreshed.

Is price an indicator of quality when it comes to mattresses? The answer to that question is mostly yes. But, more importantly, you should find one that suits your needs and acquire it from a brand that has a well-established reputation in the mattress category, along with many, many years of expertise.

Luxury mattress maker Simmons has been in the business since 1870, and is well known for its premium mattresses that have been providing its customers the gift of great sleep for over a century. Behind their products are innovation and advanced technology, as seen in its Beautyrest Black line of mattresses—the only series in the company’s product range that boasts its proprietary Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology.

The individually wrapped spring coils in the Beautyrest Black series are triple-woven, which not only enhances their durability, but also improves motion separation, provides better back support and undisturbed sleep. 

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These spring coils are further topped with three layers of foam for superlative comfort: A latex-with-gel layer that promotes air circulation; a Beautyrest Mist Foam layer that absorbs and releases moisture to provide a constant level of humidity; and finally the Diamond-infused AirCool memory foam. 

Diamonds in a mattress? Yes, indeed, and they aren’t placed there for their sparkle, of course. In fact, this special foam is “infused” with micro diamonds that are highly efficient at conducting heat away from the body so that one can slumber in better comfort on a Beautyrest Black mattress.

Apparently, the thermal conductivity of diamonds tops that of even the best conductors, such as copper. Luxury that is all about innovative functionality—we don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what we would want our premium mattress to come with.

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