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Art Design From Loewe to Gucci: 8 Luxurious Scented Candles in Decorative Vessels For Your Home

From Loewe to Gucci: 8 Luxurious Scented Candles in Decorative Vessels For Your Home

From Loewe to Gucci: 8 Luxurious Scented Candles in Decorative Vessels For Your Home
By Hong Xinying and Andrea Saadan
January 25, 2021
Create an inviting ambience in your home with the fragrances you love—these candles come in elegant decorative vessels, too

1/8 Baobab Collection High Society candle, from Flaming Queen

Designed in Belgium, candles from Baobab Collection’s High Society range feature geometric patterns inspired by the art deco movement, engraved onto hand-blown glass. The scents take their names from the protagonists of literary classics such as The Great Gatsby and Marcel Proust’s seven-volume saga, In Search of Lost Time

Available at Flaming Queen.

2/8 Dancing Ovals candle, from Diptyque

Paris-based designer Yorgo Tloupas has created a striking candle holder to celebrate the French fragrance brand’s 60th year, featuring coloured labels specially for this milestone anniversary. The graphic lines on each vessel are a reinterpretation of the label’s iconic oval motif for four of its most popular scents: Baies, Figuier, Roses and Tubéreuse. 

Available at Escentials and Diptyque.

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3/8 Fornasetti ceramic vase with lid and Otto candle, from Escentials

Housed in handmade ceramic vessels featuring Italian artist Piero Fornasetti’s cheeky, humorous motifs, these candles will add a playful touch to your home. The Otto fragrance features a polka dotted vase, combining aromatic Mediterranean herbs with woody notes and perfumed incense to create a nostalgic, soothing scent for the candle.

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Available at Escentials.


4/8 Loewe Beetroot candle, from Casa Loewe

The home scents from the Spanish fashion house brings together an array of plant-based fragrances that include beetroot, coriander, honeysuckle, pea and juniper berry. Each candle is presented in a made-in-Spain wax holder with ribbed detailing; the pattern is reminiscent of a prehistoric Greek mug from the 5th century BC.

Available at Casa Loewe Singapore.

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5/8 Santal 26 candle, from Le Labo

A hot favourite from the New York-based brand, this soya-based candle is a sophisticated mix of smoky and leathery notes. It’s available in a glass or concrete vessel, as well as wonderfully rugged hammered metal container.

Available at Lelabo Fragrances.

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6/8 Fumus Cameo scented candle, from Gucci

Gucci teamed up with porcelain specialist Richard Ginori to design this made-in-Italy Fumus candle that contains a complex and layered scent of orange leaves, camphor, and birch. The floral and botanical-printed vessel also makes it an elegant centrepiece.

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Available at Matches Fashion.

7/8 Aromatique Candles from Aesop

Aesop has launched its debut range of candles, created with the brand's long-term collaborator Barnabé Fillion. The Aromatique Candles, available in three scents, each bears the name of an important figure in ancient astronomy—Aganice, Callippus and Ptolemy.

The Aganice Aromatique Candle is floral, spicy and fresh; the fragrance's key ingredients are cardamom, clove and mimosa, accompanied by discreet notes of tobacco. The Callippus incorporates frankincense, guaiacwood, and bright notes of shiso; its woody, earthy, green fragrance is redolent of contemplative rituals. Lastly, the Ptolemy candle bears a resinous, earthy and woody fragrance that brings to mind old-growth Japanese forests, by dint of cedar, cypress and notes of vetiver. There is also a light smokiness among the scent notes.

Available at Aesop.

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8/8 L'air du Jardin perfumed candle, from Louis Vuitton

What could be more luxurious than a Louis Vuitton candle that's encased in a white ceramic pot with natural-leather handles? Created by the maison's Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the perfumed candle evokes a delicate scent of blossoming centifolia rose. Inspired by the elegant fragrance that envelops Les Fontaines Parfumées in Grasse, the home of Belletrud's creative laboratory, he worked towards creating an ethereal rose without artifice—a weightless flower that imparts a sensation of eternal refinement.

Available at Louis Vuitton.


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