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Toys Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Review: A Workaholic's Best Friend

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Review: A Workaholic's Best Friend

(Image: Samsung)
(Image: Samsung)
By Chloe Pek
November 21, 2020
How does the second generation to the revolutionary Galaxy Fold fare in work and play?

The second-generation successor to Samsung’s revolutionary Galaxy Fold—released in 2019—Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was understandably launched with much fanfare as well this year. While there are no drastic changes to the appearance of the phone, we hear that many improvements were made to improve the foldable phone experience, heeding feedback from consumers of the first generation. Most notably, the cover display is now wider than ever, while the hinge design has been improved with a brush system to avoid trapping dust. We give the phone a test run to see how it fares.

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(Image: Samsung)
(Image: Samsung)

Heavier, but sleeker in design

Weighing 282g, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is now heavier than the Galaxy Fold, yet it manages to look sleeker and more streamlined in design. With its cover display taking up more real estate on the phone (6.2”) the experience feels much more seamless, especially when you’re switching from your inner display.

Unfolded, the inner camera is incorporated with a punch-hole design, eliminating unsightly bezels for plenty of screen space on the 7.6” display. The crease that runs through the middle of the Galaxy Z Fold2, while still visible, also appears to be less obvious—this time, Samsung has opted for its new Ultra-Thin Glass on the topmost layer of the screen, laid above five more plastic layers. On top of that, there is also the factory-installed screen protector, which can be complimentarily replaced by Samsung.

When closed, the back of the phone features a matte etched Gorilla Glass 6 in Mystic Black or the standout Mystic Bronze—which is almost close to a trendy, rose gold tone—and three rear cameras, which are placed on a raised bump.

Overall, there’s nothing much to complain about the aesthetics of the Galaxy Z Fold2, though there’s definitely room for improvement in terms of the phone’s thickness—we all love a phone that fits seamlessly into our pockets, which the second-generation folding phone hasn’t quite achieved yet.

(Image: Samsung)
(Image: Samsung)

Powerhouse for workaholics

Making the most of the table-sized main screen, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is designed by enhanced productivity. With the advanced Multi-Active Window, users can work between up to three active apps at once on the main display—and up to two on the cover screen, or open up two active windows from the same app. Multi-tasking is made even more convenient with the drag and drop and split-screen capture features, allowing you to seamlessly transfer text, images, and documents from one app to another.

As a digital writer, these features have been a saviour when I needed to make changes to stories, or plan out social media posts without a laptop on hand.

Apps for work such as Microsoft 365 and Gmail are also optimised on the Galaxy Z Fold2 to mimic the tablet experience, making it an effective companion for work while you’re on the go.

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(Image: Samsung)
(Image: Samsung)

An entertainment centre

Galaxy Z Fold2 is the perfect phone for work, and it doesn’t fare too badly for play as well. For one, the full 7.6” Dynamic Amoled 2X display is a dream for watching Youtube and Netflix—colours appear brilliant with excellent contrast. There’s also stereo support via its two speakers, which sound crisp and clear, albeit with little bass.

And then there’s the high-performing Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ and the content-adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz, that’s great for the mobile gamer, although the gaming experience largely depends on how optimised each game is for the Galaxy Z Fold2, considering its unique dimensions. Games that have proven to work well include PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Asphalt 9: Legends. The latest popular mobile game, Among Us, looks great as well, though I found the display’s dimensions to be limiting of the visual range.

(Image: Samsung)
(Image: Samsung)

Fun for photos, but not the best

The Galaxy Z Fold2 has a total of five cameras—a 10-megapixel cover camera (f/2.2, 80 degrees FoV) and 10-megapixel interior camera (f/2.2, 80 degrees FoV), and on its rear, a 12-megapixel primary camera (f/1.8, 83 degrees FoV); 12-megapixel wide-angle camera (f/2.2, 123 degrees FoV); and 12-megapixel telephoto (f/2.4, 45 degrees FoV). It offers 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

The camera system is not too shabby, but definitely not Samsung’s best, especially when you compare it with the Note 20 Ultra, which features a 108-megapixel sensor on its wide-angle camera, allowing for 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom.

The phone does make up for this with unique features, however, such as the Flex Mode camera that allows you to fold the phone and anchor it for hands-free photos and videos. You don’t even have to press the shutter—a wave of your hand will do.

As for selfies, you don’t have to settle for the 10-megapixel front cameras because you can now use the cover screen to take a photo of yourself with the rear cameras.

The Dual Preview is a handy feature when shooting others, allowing them to preview themselves on the Cover Screen before you snap the shot.

Vloggers will also enjoy the auto framing functions which allows the camera to focus and follow specific subjects, as well as the precision control zoom that gives users more control over the speed and intensity of their zoom.


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