Building A Rock-Solid Relationship: Melissa Peh & Alvin Soon


July 4, 2018 | BY Karishma Tulsidas

The keys to a long-lasting, healthy relationship include honesty, mutual respect, and kindness, says this soon-to-be-married couple

Introverts will tell you that finding a partner with whom they can be themselves is a rare and special gift. Lawyer Melissa Peh and radiologist Alvin Soon have found that in each other. When they first met via Tinder, their initial dates were filled with activities to get to know each other better. As their relationship evolved, the homebodies now prefer spending time with each other and their families in the comfort of their own homes. Says Melissa, “It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I can be myself and he accepts and loves me for who I am.” Similarly for Alvin, what he absolutely loves about Melissa is that “she’s always acting silly around me, but absolutely serious in front of other people”.

It was not love at first sight, but their feelings for each other grew gradually. “I wouldn’t say it was a specific moment,” muses Melissa. “It was an accumulation of little moments—moments that made me feel truly happy and blessed to have him in my life.” Alvin says, “Melissa is very kind and caring and looks after me. She makes me feel loved, and there’s no one else I’d rather spend time with.”

While both agree that “honesty, mutual respect, kindness, forgiveness, perseverance and rock-solid commitment” are the cornerstones of their relationship, like every other couple, they occasionally have their disagreements. But as Melissa says, “It’s important to communicate, be honest and open with one another; to listen attentively, have respect and work together to come up with a solution.” Alvin puts it more succinctly: “Happy wife, happy life!”

Alvin wears Octo Roma watch in steel by Bvlgari, Melissa wears High Jewellery earrings in pink gold with mother-of-pearl, tanzanites and diamonds, High Jewellery necklace in pink gold with mother-of-pearl, turquoise, tanzanites, tourmalines, amethysts and diamonds, and Divas’ Dream bracelet in white gold with diamonds, all by Bvlgari; belted one-shoulder crepe gown by Marc Jacobs

Words and Coordination Karishma Tulsidas
Photography Elvina Farkas
Styling Cheryl Chan
Hair Ash Loi using Keune Hair Cosmetics
Make-up Grego/Indigo Artisans using IT Cosmetics and Sephora Colours
Photographer’s assistant Lucas Milone
Stylist’s assistant Mila Osman

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