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Art Design 10 Resort-Style Pools In Singapore That Bring Villa Vibes Home

10 Resort-Style Pools In Singapore That Bring Villa Vibes Home

10 Resort-Style Pools In Singapore That Bring Villa Vibes Home
By Singapore Tatler Homes
July 31, 2017

There’s nothing quite like the serene sight of water, lapping by the poolside—and what better way to complete the resort-style look of your dream home, than with a pool?

From sleek lap pools to meandering lagoon-like visions, be inspired by these stylish waterside retreats.

House of Harmony

This multigenerational abode’s pool embraces waterfront living, linking its three wings—the parents’ abode enjoys the best views of the pool from the second floor, while lush foliage nearby adds to its tranquil setting. Designed by RT+Q, this home celebrates familial bonding with its interconnected social spaces, while providing intimate abodes for the families of two sisters and their parents. Take a closer look at the interior of this Nordic-inspired abode in the upcoming August-September 2017 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes.

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Green and Grand

This generously sized pool is an oasis of calm that surrounds the home’s two wings, which follows a H-plan layout; an elegant garden, wood cladding on the deck and facade complement the resort-style concept of this home. Architect Loh Er Pau of Tellus Design and interior designer Tay Hiang Liang of Design Basis worked together on this project, to create this cohesive visual connectivity from the indoors to outdoors. (Related: Green And Grand: This Home Luxuriously Connects The Indoors With The Outdoors)

Water Villas

The pavilion-style concept of this Singapore home takes cues from a Bali resort the homeowners had visited, at the recommendation of Tsok Wui Chong, from Md.Ma Design Consultants. Led by Tsok, the design team crafted an open plan layout with pavilions that extend out to water courtyards, which form part of the pool that runs the length of the house.

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Classical Redux

The irregular shape of this meandering pool helps soften the straight lines and Neoclassical details of this Good Class Bungalow, while providing a cosy respite for the family and their guests. Featured in the August 2016 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes, this project was about enhancing the home’s current design while maintaining a sense of respect for the existing architecture. This additions and alterations project was led by Tan Cher Ming, principal architect at Ming Architects.

Stately Elegance

First featured in the October 2015 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes, this abode was modernised 30 years after it was first built, to create a cosy haven for its jet-setting owners. As part of an additions and alterations project led by Ansana Interior Design, a glass canopy was built next to the lap pool to provide more shelter around the patio area. “What’s great about it is when we entertain, we can open the doors of this room together with the board room and living room and they all look out onto the pool patio,” shares the owner.

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Nautical Nuances

The palette-shaped pool of this home echoes its nautical theme, where wave-like shapes and other oceanic motifs hark to its marine inspiration. A circular sunken lounge at its heart carves out a cosy space for the family and guests. Design director Terri Tan of Designworx Interior Consultant worked closely with architect Betsy Lau of East 9 Architects and Planners to realise this nautical-inspired abode.

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Contemporary Opulence

This lap pool runs along the living and dining area on the second floor, creating a serene contrast to the abode’s handsome interior within, as crafted by Renaissance Planners and Designers. The floor to ceiling glass panels of the abode optimises views of the pool, which can also be viewed from the entertainment lounge (as seen above) on the ground floor.

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Minimalist Sanctuary

Sometimes simple is best – located by the entrance, this lap pool creates a tranquil zone befitting of its minimalist interior. This bungalow was designed by Metaphor Studio, which sought to craft a resort-style home that celebrates its tropical context, while keeping to the sleek and modern style that its homeowners adore.

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Easy Living

This pool enhances the open concept layout of this home, as designed by Edmund Ng of Edmund Ng Architects. Its dry kitchen extends out onto the pool, which runs along the dining area and the corridor of the abode, and this is where the family spends most of their time. “The dry kitchen is our favourite space where family and friends can hang out for meals and drinks. It has a great view of the pool, as well as the beautiful green wall,” shares the homeowner.

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Tranquil Delight

The Sareens found the property after an intensive search of “probably more than a hundred bungalows” in Singapore. “This fits the bill perfectly. It has everything that we wanted, with enough room for growth. Our kids also wanted dogs. For my mother, who is wheelchair bound, we wanted her to have space as well as sit by the pool with ease,” explains the homeowner. The landscaping was reworked to complement the sleek and spacious pool area, adding peace and serenity to the home.

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