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Travel 1 in 5 Singaporeans Have Short-Term Travel Plans in the Next 3 Months: Index

1 in 5 Singaporeans Have Short-Term Travel Plans in the Next 3 Months: Index

1 in 5 Singaporeans Have Short-Term Travel Plans in the Next 3 Months: Index
By Andrea Saadan
April 14, 2021
Are you one of those who are keen on travelling soon?

The prospects of leisure travel seem to be on the rise as it is now found that 20 per cent of Singaporean adults intend to go on at least one trip soon. Last month, Tatler reported that personal travel will return in the second part of 2021.

And now, it looks like travel is back on the cards with one in five (20 per cent) Singaporean adults planning to make at least one trip in the next three months, according to fintech company Finder’s Travel Index.

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The research reveals that 16 per cent of Singaporeans said they planned to travel over the next three months when asked in February. However, that figure increased to a fifth (20 per cent) when the same question was asked in March.

12 per cent of Singaporeans said they have plans to travel around Singapore while 9 per cent had plans for international travel. The data suggests confidence in international travel is increasing, with 6 per cent of Singaporeans saying they plan to travel internationally in June, compared to May (2 per cent) and April (3 per cent).

Finder’s global editor-in-chief, Angus Kidman, said while the number of people intending to travel is increasing in Singapore, the country still lags behind most of its global counterparts.

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“Singapore ranked 14th out of 18 countries for short term travel plans, ahead of only Ireland, the UK, Spain and Canada. What that suggests to us is that people are hesitant to move forward with plans until there is more certainty,” Kidman said in a press statement.

“While we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, with vaccination programs ramping up and the pre-departure Covid check program set to come into effect in May, it’s looking more and more likely that travel will be back on the cards in the not-so-distant future.”

(Image: Rich Tervet/Unsplash)
(Image: Rich Tervet/Unsplash)

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Percentage of people planning to travel over the next three months (April, May, June)

  1. Malaysia (39%)
  2. India (38%)
  3. Russian Federation (36%)
  4. Philippines (35%)
  5. Italy (34%)
  6. France (30%)
  7. Netherlands (29%)
  8. Hong Kong (24%)
  9. Germany (23%)
  10. South Africa (23%)
  11. Australia (22%)
  12. United States of America (21%)
  13. Brazil (20%)
  14. Singapore (20%)
  15. Ireland (20%)
  16. United Kingdom (19%)
  17. Spain (19%)
  18. Canada (13%)


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