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Travel Lust List: Why the World's First Floating Spa Should be on Your Travel Bucket List in 2020

Lust List: Why the World's First Floating Spa Should be on Your Travel Bucket List in 2020

Image: Anders Blomqvist
Image: Anders Blomqvist
By Amelia Yeo
February 25, 2020
Head up north for your next arctic adventure

On the tranquil waters of the Lule River, amid the untouched terrain of the Swedish Lapland, sits the Arctic Bath, the world’s first floating spa, which promises a one-of-a-kind wellness experience for discerning travellers.

Image: Anders Blomqvist
Image: Anders Blomqvist

Designed by Swedish architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi—the same creative minds behind Treehotel, the remarkable nearby accommodation where guests stay among tall pine trees—the Arctic Bath is built in two parts: the hotel and the spa. The former consists of 12 rooms, six of which are built on the tree-lined shore and the remaining float near the water’s edge, while the latter includes an outdoor cold bath that is situated in the centre of the floating structure, where guests can plunge into the icy waters. Four saunas, a hot bath, and indoor and outdoor showers are also available on the floating spa.

People from Lapland believe that cold bath therapy soothes sore muscles, limits the body’s inflammatory responses and, when combined with a warm sauna, completes the process of an invigorating wellness experience.

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Image: Anders Blomqvist
Image: Anders Blomqvist

Besides indulging in the mindful therapies at the Arctic Bath, one can also go for a husky sled ride on the powder‑white landscape or ice fishing on a private forest lake. In the evening, guests can retreat back to the Arctic Bath’s restaurant, where locally and sustainably sourced ingredients assume starring roles in dishes created by renowned chefs Kristoffer Åström and Maarten De Wilde. Expect a range of Sámi signatures such as gahkku (flatbread) and gompa (savoury yoghurt) from the north of Sweden, as well as meats and dairy from the nearby towns of Jokkmokk and Vuollerim.

The Arctic Bath is more than just a unique micro‑destination for those chasing the Northern Lights between August and March. For the rest of the year, basking under the midnight sun is an equally romantic and interesting experience. 


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Image: Pasquale Baseotto
Image: Pasquale Baseotto

Quick Facts about the Artic Bath

3°C: The temperature of the Arctic Bath’s outdoor cold bath

14ft: The depth of the Lule River, which is home to the world’s first floating spa

$4,500: The starting price per person for a three-day itinerary

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