This Local Design Firm Creates Compelling Collages Out Of Laminates

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June 20, 2018 | BY Kim Reyes

In collaboration with Singapore Tatler Homes and local laminate brand Arova, three design firms created artworks representative of their individual design philosophies. Architology Interiors chose to playfully engage viewers by teasing their spatial awareness in a creatively put-together collage

With a focus on spatial and interior design, Architology Interiors has worked on a multitude of diverse projects across Singapore and the region. Founded by Bu Shukun and Terrence Quah, their ever-expanding portfolio is characterised by the firm’s progressive process, tailoring spatial narratives to deliver bold, elegant and livable design.

“The development of clear design language is synonymous with good progressive design,” say Bu and Quah. “We adopt a narrative approach in our work, scripting abstract concepts and composing spatial expressions into compelling spatial language, in which the design intention can be easily read and narrated by the user to elicit emotive response.”

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Choosing from the catalogue of over 400 Arova laminates, the practice opted for colours and textures most identifiable in their own interior design work—woods and metals in shades of white, grey, brown, and black from the Wood grains, Metallics, and Supreme collections.

Combining laminates of contrasting colours and materials in axonometric angles, the resulting forms within the artwork appear three-dimensional and become, as the pair describe, “imaginary rooms to explore”. Each viewer’s individual interpretation of the various spaces ensures a unique experience and perspective.

Founded by Bu Shukun (far right) and Terrence Quah (centre) in 2010, the ever-expanding portfolio of the firm includes hospitality, commercial and residential projects. The studio received the Best Open-Concept Project accolade at the Tatler Design Awards 2018.

As part of this creative collaboration with Singapore Tatler Homes, the studio created an artwork with a trompe l’oeil effect that is also the embodiment of their creative process. The artwork comprises layers of laser-cut laminate pieces from Arova, arranged as two-dimensional planes and three-dimensional volumes such that it can be perceived in myriad ways by its viewer.

“The sketchy nature of the forms draws the viewers’ gaze and curiosity into this imaginary world of unlimited planes and volumes floating in negative space, transporting oneself within the artwork,” they explain.


This creates the illusion of an endless number of imaginary three-dimensional spaces for the viewer to explore; a mesmerising design that also subtly references the influential work of Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher.

Incorporating 13 different Arova laminates, the complex artwork—and the meticulousness of its creation—is testament to the consultancy’s detail-oriented and tailored approach to every project. “The process of putting together minute pieces of laser-cut materials embodies our philosophy that exemplary work is the sum of precise detailing and attentiveness to good design resolution; even at the smallest scale,” the duo say.

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Arova is located at 7 Mandai Link, #04-03 Mandai Connection, Tel: 6363 1661


Art direction and production: Khairul Ali
Photography: Cai Hui Xin/ Calibre

This article was adapted from a story in the June-July 2018 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes.

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