It's Not Too Late: 4 Fail-Proof Valentine's Day Getaways


February 4, 2017 | BY AFP

Next year, plan ahead! But first, tried and tested hot spots perfect for romance rekindling.

As maligned as it can be among greeting card haters, Valentine's Day can serve as a yearly wake-up call to reignite the spark with a romantic getaway. Whether you're the type of couple who fell in love over a mind-blowing coq au vin in Paris, or the type in need of a serious beach holiday, here are a few travel ideas for the heart-shaped holiday this year. 



For the burnt out couple:  "The world's most romantic resort" in the Maldives  
Life has come at you like a speed train with no brakes over the last few years, between the kids, jobs and everything in between. A self-imposed time-out can help rekindle the romance, especially when taken at the Baros Maldives, which was named the world's leading romantic destination at the World Travel Awards in December, also known as the 'Oscars' of the travel world. This remote, island getaway is only accessible by boat and offers a paradisiacal setting of over-water villas against turquoise waters. Packages include "Essence of Romance" featuring champagne, couples massages and candle-lit baths, and "Renewal of Vowels," with photographer, bouquet and wedding cake. 



For the nature-loving couple: Kauai, Hawaii
Editors of National Geographic magazine chose the dramatic wilderness of Kauai, Hawaii as one of their 21 must-see places for 2017. If you and your partner are nature lovers who find the idea of hiking trails through North America's mahogany forest, or the floor of a Canyon and lush landscapes seductive, you'll want to look into Kauai, which has been featured in the Jurassic movie franchise and 60 other feature films for its towering sea cliffs and cascading waterfalls. If anything, the hikes will get the heart pumping and increase blood flow.



For the tried and true: Paris
Yes, it's predictable and cliché. But in a survey carried out by Expedia and market research group GfK last year, 69 per cent of the 1,000 US respondents named Paris the most romantic destination in the world. The City of Light also snagged the title of sexiest city in the world, and the place where singletons would most want to spend their Valentine's Day. Indeed if there's one city in the world where you can indulge in unapologetically public displays of affection, it's here. In fact, one French writer wrote a book about it: "Best Places to Kiss in Paris." Best not forget your lip balm. 



For the singleton: Miami 
Because Valentine's Day doesn't just belong to couples. Whether it be to celebrate your singledom, or put an end to that status once and for all, readers of Travel + Leisure suggest heading to Miami, which topped the magazine's list of America's best cities for singles. Along with gorgeous locals, the city pulses with nightclubs, cocktail lounges, champagne bars and celebrity hotspots. Throw in some Miami heat and you've got the perfect cocktail for seduction.