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Toys 5 Reasons Why The New Huawei P30 Pro’s Camera Is Way Better Than Yours

5 Reasons Why The New Huawei P30 Pro’s Camera Is Way Better Than Yours

5 Reasons Why The New Huawei P30 Pro’s Camera Is Way Better Than Yours
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
April 05, 2019
This phone might convert even your most pious Apple devotes

In a world where phones aren't just about phonecalls anymore, where the camera function takes precedence over over smartphone functions, it seems like Huawei might have the right idea here.  

I’ll spare you of the technical talk—but this collaboration between Huawei and Leica, which started in 2014 is pretty savvy. Leica, the over-a-century-year-old camera brand begun with making binoculars and understands optical quality like no other. Why not shrink that and put it on your most essential device? More than 205 million Huawei x Leica phones later, the duo has disrupted the mobile phone industry again with the newly-launched P30 series' new camera functionalities. We look at the powerful P30 Pro below: 

1/4 4 lenses

The Leica lens has been upgraded again. Now it’s the most powerful 40 mpixels quad lens, with four lenses on the P30 Pro, making it Huawei’s most advanced camera phone right now. The Leica Quad Camera System easily holds its own against a professional camera.

2/4 Depth effect

Call it bokeh or depth-of-field—it isn’t just about blurring out the background. A professional camera takes the background, and gives it a different layer of bokeh effect progressively for different distances. And the P30 Pro does exactly that with its TOF (time-of-flight) camera. 

3/4 50x zoom

No doubt the most impressive zoom in the industry, with the world’s first 5 x optical zoom and a maximum zoom factor of 50x. Well, Leica did begin as a binoculars brandm and now the P30 Pro's SuperZoom lens does exactly that. 

4/4 Low light camera

Take a picture of the moon with your phone. Not a great shot? No surprise, due to the moon’s distance and low light surroundings. With the P30 Pro, it was a sharp, close-up picture of the moon. It brightens up pictures with low-light. How? By changing the core colours from RGGB to RYYB, 40% more light enters—turning night into day. Plus, this low-light effect works for the normal camera, videos and selfies.

On top of that, the other highlights include an instant retouching tool for selfies, a supercharge function that charges the phone battery to 70% in 30 minutes, the Reverse Charge feature that charges earphones, electric toothbrushes, or someone else’s phone. And it's water resistant (not waterproof) too.

Best of all, it's pretty. The gorgeous cases that house the curved glass body is inspired by the different hues of the sky, from the aurora borealis and to a sunrise. 




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