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Wealth Giving HSBC Jade Launches the #SupportEntreprenHER Campaign to Promote Women in Business

HSBC Jade Launches the #SupportEntreprenHER Campaign to Promote Women in Business

HSBC Jade Launches the #SupportEntreprenHER Campaign to Promote Women in Business
Photo: Courtesy of HSBC Jade
By Tatler Asia
July 14, 2021
Through its latest campaign for entrepreneurs, HSBC Jade looks to help overcome the obstacles in place to running a successful business

While many people dream of launching their own business, the journey to being a successful entrepreneur is paved with challenges and requires courage and determination.

Women often face additional challenges in securing finance, finding the right employees and scaling a business, as well as the struggles of balancing work with caring and family commitments. To help empower female entrepreneurs, HSBC Jade has launched its #SupportEntreprenHER campaign to share insights to help women overcome some of the barriers they face when starting a business.

Vivien Liu, founder of Studio Unit in Hong Kong, launched her photography business to break away from a nine-to-five office job and to gain the flexibility to set her own work schedule. She knows first-hand how challenging pursuing a dream can be.

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Video: Courtesy of HSBC Jade

“Finding my footing as an entrepreneur was a bit of a struggle,” she says. “I had to remind myself constantly to believe in my work and overcome the challenge of being a female in a male-dominated field. I also quickly found out I had a lot to learn in terms of organising human resources and financial management.”

Liu is one of three inspiring female entrepreneurs who have partnered with HSBC Jade, sharing their experience and knowledge to help other women achieve their goals. Selina Kong, founder and CEO of the Big Things Group, which runs an indoor playground, is another campaign partner. She remembers how daunting it felt to take the first step launching her business.

“I was worried about sacrificing time with my family and the financial responsibilities of running a business, but I didn’t stop, I persevered,” she says. One thing Kong learnt was that it is essential to have a network of people she trusts to support her business vision.

Video: Courtesy of HSBC Jade

HSBC has been working with entrepreneurs for 156 years and is committed to working closely with its clients to develop a deep understanding of their needs, providing them with the opportunities and resources they require to help them grow their businesses.

Dr Ayesha Khanna, co-founder and CEO of artificial intelligence solutions firm Addo AI, emphasises the importance of listening to potential customers’ needs to ensure their businesses are relevant, and finding a co-founder who not only shares their values but complements their strengths.

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Khanna also recommends seeking expert guidance when starting a business, especially in the area of financial management, to ensure you have a robust plan and a long-term strategy in place.

Video: Courtesy of HSBC Jade

“Having a buffer is also incredibly important so that you can remain agile when the unexpected happens,” she says, citing Covid-19 as a prime example.

Khanna adds that obtaining financial support and expert advice was crucial to her own success. “I love how financial advisors get as excited about my vision as I am,” she says.

HSBC Jade helps female entrepreneurs grow their individual wealth and gain confidence in managing their finances through tailored advice from a relationship manager and other specialists, as well as access to a range of wealth management solutions. In doing so, it hopes to empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs to realise their dreams.

Learn more about the #SupportEntreprenHER campaign here


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