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Art Design 10 Inspiring Ways To Create—And Curate—Your Home

10 Inspiring Ways To Create—And Curate—Your Home

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier
By Singapore Tatler Homes
October 20, 2017

First rule? Focus on craftsmanship and the rest will follow.

“Buy what you need, not what you want.” Whether you interpret this as a piece of financial advice or a road map to happiness, we can all accept this as words of wisdom.

Being discerning about what we include in our lives is definitely necessary, but we don’t believe in taking it to extremes. We know that there are belongings that bring us happiness, especially those pieces imbued with soul. Thus, we adopt the compromise of conscious consumerism—making space for the things we love, whether or not we truly need them.

The October-November 2017 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes focuses on craftsmanship, from what goes into the making of a wallcovering to the careful creative process of restoring heritage hotels around the world. Take a closer look at the details that go into the making of considered interiors here.

1/10 Embrace the art of layering

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

Our cover home in Miami, designed by the inimitable Jean-Louis Deniot, gives us a few pointers on the art of layering and how craftsmanship can be expressed in wonderfully modern ways. This Mid-Century house has been transformed into a stunning villa that celebrates barefoot living and Miami’s unhurried way of life.

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2/10 Seek historical inspiration

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

More than just hotels, landmarks such as the Hôtel de Crillon hold a special place in the history of city as well as in the hearts of people. We look into the careful process behind its restoration, which includes spaces such as the Les Grands Appartements. Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld was commissioned to design two of these exceptional suites—one of them being the Marie Antoinette suite (pictured above), which was inspired by the French queen.

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3/10 Infuse your spaces with cultural touchpoints

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

We delve into the story that goes into crafting a home—such as the cultural exchange reflected in this eclectic South African abode. As seen in its living area (above), the historic blends with the new in this Victorian home packed with personal charm, French-Asian influences and lashings of luxe.

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4/10 Channel a worldly look and feel

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

Create a global ambience  at home by visiting well-curated stores such as Edit Lifestyle. Located at Tudor Court since 2014, the store describes itself as “a resort lifestyle boutique with a summer spirit all year long”, offering everything from furniture to fashion. Its selection includes objects that are as chic as they are functional—which include the drip-free carafe and serene-hued ceramics pictured here.

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5/10 Play with colourful textures

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

An effortless collage of texture and colour, this home in Bali is where tropical living merges with an urban spirit. As seen on the abstract wall mural in the living area, colour and contrast area are a major factor indoors: glittering gold leaf is paired with an electric palette of hues, forming a stunning, patina-like backdrop to the custom-made furnishing.

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6/10 Celebrate the elegance of stone

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

Take a closer look at the materials that make up a piece. The ways in which different stones catch light for instance, can add a tactile dimension as well as a luxurious edge to any space. We examine how stone adds a touch of drama and gravitas to these lighting pieces, including the Je Suis lamp (seen above) designed by Carlo Colombo for Italian lighting brand Penta.

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7/10 Select the right material mix

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

If you’re a little overwhelmed by the variety of countertop materials in the market, fret not—we’ve done some research to help you decide, in our kitchen story. As seen here, wood flooring and a warm colour scheme pairs beautifully with the table and kitchen countertop in Caesarstone’s Tuscan Dawn quartz surface.

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8/10 Elevate your space with art

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

Express your personal style with art pieces that tell a story within your home. Find the pièces de résistance that speak to your soul, follow the tips we’ve collected from design experts on the best ways to bring out the full beauty of your treasures.

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9/10 Complete the look with glamorous accents

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

This stunning Bangalore home envisioned by WOW Architects is guided by cultural references and ancient doctrines that reflect the homeowner’s beliefs and way of life—while paired with an effortlessly modern interior. As seen here, a Windfall chandelier evokes a canopy of twinkling stars while the serene blues of the artwork in the same room draw cues to the way the turquoise pool wraps around the living area.

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10/10 Create wondrous vignettes

Bangalore home with Windfall chandelier

It may be prudent to only purchase what we need, but where’s the fun in that? Here, we pick out imaginative pieces inspired by the starry skies and beyond, such as this celestial rug from Space Furniture, which was designed for Moooi by Edward van Vliet.

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