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Weddings How to Buy the Right Engagement Ring

How to Buy the Right Engagement Ring

How to Buy the Right Engagement Ring
By Hayden Ng
September 15, 2016

Jean Nasr, managing director of Mouawad Singapore, fills us in on the latest trends and things to consider when you’re shopping for the ultimate symbol of love.


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When it comes to engagement rings, what’s trending now?
Jean Nasr
While classics will always remain a popular choice, we now see more customers who prefer to be involved in the design process of their engagement rings. There’s been an increase in demand for coloured stones in the past few years. Some prefer unconventional shapes and cuts of diamonds, as well as colours like intense yellows, greens or browns.

Design-wise, there’s a shift towards bespoke jewellery, and discerning customers place a premium on quality craftsmanship.  

What are the things to consider when buying an engagement ring?
Customers need to know exactly what they’re getting before they make a purchase. The first thing that couples need to decide on is whether they want diamonds or other gems. Next, they need to discuss, whether they’d refer to focus on the size or quality of the stone. Affordability and style of the ring are also things they need to make a decision on.

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What are some fail-proof options? 
At Mouawad, we have something for everyone. A few examples of “safe” options could be pieces from the Mouawad Diamond Bridal Classics collection (below).

Mouawad Bridal Classics 1.jpg

Mouawad Bridal Classics 2.jpg

While we have a popular bridal classics line, Mouawad also does a lot of bespoke creations when it comes to engagement rings. Our slogan—“She deserves nothing less”— means that every couple can own something that is a reflection of who they are. A classic option is the solitaire on a basic plain or diamond paved band with a claw setting (below).

Mouawad Bridal Classics, Claw Setting.jpg(Related: 5 Impressive Wedding Tiaras)

How about those who wish to explore unconventional designs instead of traditional ones?
It really depends on what the customers are looking for; we’re usually able to tailor it to what they have envisioned. Coloured stones like tanzanite and tsavorite have been huge hits lately, so that is one option that can be considered. While we do have customers who prefer something really out of the ordinary, most of them end up going with precious gems such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.  

In recent years, we’ve found that most of our customers seek exclusivity and uniqueness. The great thing about bespoke jewellery is that it allows one to really get creative. For instance, we had a customer request for the diamond to look like it is “floating” on the ring. After much consultation with our master craftsmen, we used a combination of methods, including a tension setting, to achieve the final look.

What would you suggest if customers are on the lookout for an ultra-luxurious engagement ring?
They can consider a blue, pink or intense yellow diamond. Mouawad works with other coloured and rare stones too. However, the value of the engagement ring lies not just in its rarity and luxury, but also the design that will allow the stone to stand out. A well-designed and crafted setting will make a world of difference to the solitaire gem.

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