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Weddings3 Sensitive Wedding Conundrums Answered

3 Sensitive Wedding Conundrums Answered

3 Sensitive Wedding Conundrums Answered
By Karishma Tulsidas
February 25, 2017

What do you do with guests who don't RSVP? Don't stress, we have expert tips to help you through the big day.

1/3How should the bridal party handle guests who did not RSVP?

"Having guests who do not reply and turn up is very common, but there are ways to reduce this incidence.
First, clearly list on the invitation card all the names of the guests invited, instead of ‘John Tan and partner’, or ‘John Tan and family’. Check with the venue provider in advance about the possibility of adding extra seats, and leave the duty of communicating this need to your entourage or wedding coordinator on the day itself. Always try to accommodate guests who have been invited and may have forgotten to reply.

When it comes to handling gatecrashers, first determine who these people are: are they friends of the family whom you may have never met before, or strangers who happen to walk past the venue? Assign your friends to look out for people who behave suspiciously. Get them to approach such characters and start a conversation to find out who they are. If they are not on the guest list, the friend can ask them to leave, but politely, as you do not want to create a scene at the wedding.”

– Denise Tan, Hitched Weddings 

2/3What entertainment should there be at the reception? 

"Entertainment at a wedding enhances the theme and couple’s style. It’s nice to have a live performance at the holding area as guests enter the venue. It can be a performance by a harpist, string quartet or instrumental jazz band, or a DJ spinning lounge music. 

It shouldn’t be too loud or overpowering, and should typically last for an hour. You could also have music in the background when the doors open, as the guests look for their tables and await the couple’s arrival. Personal touches such as videos and speeches by the couple’s friends give an insight into the couple’s personalities and help create a memorable event. For the rest of the evening, a band will help to build the mood. Depending on the programme, there should be at least 45 minutes of lounge music before the party starts.”

– Ziline Chen, Vocalise Artiste Management 

3/3Is it customary for the bride to present gifts to her bridesmaids, and what would make an ideal gift?

"There is no hard and fast rule, but it’s a sweet and thoughtful gesture and shows that you appreciate their help at the wedding. 

The most common gifts are bridesmaid gowns that are either purchased off the rack or customised; and accessories such as matching bracelets or necklaces to be worn on the wedding day itself—these can even be personalised, as people love gifts that make them feel special.

You could also pay for their hotel stay, and craft thank-you notes and individual gift items. Other ideas include spa days, matching robes for the hair and make-up session on the big day, and a trip to a beach resort in Bali or a shopping haven like Hong Kong. The gifts can be presented on the days leading up to the wedding, such as during the bachelorette party, or the rehearsal and briefing session. We would not recommend doing so on the day itself however, as you would be too busy.”

– Olivia Low, Our Fairytale Wedding



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