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Art Design How Design Intervention Employs a Holistic Approach to Habitat Creation

How Design Intervention Employs a Holistic Approach to Habitat Creation

How Design Intervention Employs a Holistic Approach to Habitat Creation
By Annabelle Bok
January 27, 2021
Multi-award-winning design firm Design Intervention’s founder and co-CEO share how they design homes that improve their clients’ well-being

As one of Singapore’s most well-known and lauded design studios, Design Intervention boasts a diverse portfolio of local and international luxury projects that cover architecture, interior design, and even product design. Led by founder Nikki Hunt and co-CEO Andrea Savage, it is the only Southeast Asian firm to have been recognised as one of the World’s Top 100 Design Studios by the Interior Design Review—not once, but six times. One of its latest and highest accomplishments was winning the World’s Best Interior Designed Private Residence award at the 2019 International Property Awards with its Nassim Road project.

Here, Hunt and Savage share their firm’s philosophy, and what they feel sets Design Intervention apart from its competitors.

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A Storied History

“Design Intervention was established in 2004 and is helmed by us partners, Nikki and Andrea. Over the past several years we have garnered a multitude of awards and accolades, at the national, regional and global levels, across the full spectrum of the design field including public sector, retail, leisure, architecture, office, product and residential design.

“Our greatest achievement, however, will always be the creation of environments that put a smile on the faces of our clients.”

A Holistic Philosophy

“We believe that design, like nutrition and fitness, is an essential tool for better living.

“The average city dweller today spends 87 percent of his or her life indoors. Like all mammals, us humans are affected by our environment. So, the design of our interiors influences our health and our happiness—our general well-being.

“At Design Intervention, we employ the transformative power of design to affect mood, influence behaviour, and improve health. Our unique approach utilises design as a tool for better living, harnessing the power of our homes for a happier, healthier life.”

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Creating Healthy Habitats

“We believe that the home should be your ultimate energy source, your personal retreat, a place to recharge and be restored: where you can be yourself and be totally at ease.

“Our approach is personalised, scientific, and multisensory. We go beyond aesthetics to craft joyful, sensual, liveable homes that inspire the mind, soothe the body, and nourish the soul.

“Our mission, as designers, is to tailor each project to the unique needs and dreams of each homeowner, helping them harness the power of their home for happier, healthier lives.”

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Design Intervention is part of the Best of Singapore 2021 guide.


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