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Art Design Here's Why You Should Redecorate Your Kitchen To Include De Dietrich’s Stylish Appliances

Here's Why You Should Redecorate Your Kitchen To Include De Dietrich’s Stylish Appliances

Here's Why You Should Redecorate Your Kitchen To Include De Dietrich’s Stylish Appliances
By Hazel Vincent De Paul
January 31, 2020
Embrace art de Vivre—the French art of living—where you cook and even entertain guests

De Dietrich’s history stretches back to 1684, when founder Johann Dietrich first invested in the forging industry—and created one of the first logos in industrial history. The brand saw another first when Amélie de Dietrich took over the reins; she was one of the first women in the forging industry to introduce design into industrial production. Centuries later, De Dietrich continues to promote its French culinary heritage through the pursuit of innovation. De Dietrich achieves this by focusing on elevating raw, high-quality materials and evoking emotion through design.

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The brand draws design cues from art de vivre, the French art of living, which has shaped its approach over the years. From pioneering the first domestic induction hob and creating the first pyroclean and steam ovens in 1990, to patenting the Intelligent Control System (ICS) with menu control in 2003, De Dietrich has always pushed the boundaries of intelligent design.

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Other achievements include the introduction of its Le Piano Revolution in induction technology in 2011, and its Premium Corium Collection, which has won the Red Dot Design Award and the Janus de l’Industrie award since its launch in 2012.

De Dietrich continues its inventive streak with the recent launch of its DOP7575X Wi-Fi Oven. You can begin making dinner without being in the kitchen—the oven utilises Wi-Fi technology so you can connect it to your smartphone, select the cooking function and adjust the temperature or duration of your choice through the De Dietrich Smart Control (SC) app.

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Paired devices will receive real-time notifications at the end of each cooking cycle so you will know when the meal is ready to be served fresh to family members who are already at home. Part of De Dietrich’s Fascination Collection, this one-of-a-kind oven boasts a 73L cavity volume and has 12 different functions.


1/3 Transparency at all stages

De Dietrich is proud to be able to attach an “Originie France Garantie” label to its products. This label is a French Ministry of Industry initiative, and represents transparency and accuracy of information about the origin and manufacturing procedures for the majority of De Dietrich products.

2/3 Innovative design

An exceptional modularity for an infinite culinary experience, horiZone Play enables you to use a single hob for a variety of cooking methods.

3/3 Unrivalled functionality

This feature is integrated into its ovens’ “Chef” Mode programming option. A product with the latest technology, this mode allows you to automatically prepare between nine and 15 of your most frequently-cooked meals.

De Dietrich is part of the Best of Singapore 2020 guide. 


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