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Art Design Greenlam Presents Architecture Of The Year At Tatler Design Awards

Greenlam Presents Architecture Of The Year At Tatler Design Awards

Greenlam Presents Architecture Of The Year At Tatler Design Awards
By Hong Xinying
By Hong Xinying
February 09, 2018
Laminate brand Greenlam applauds Duo's green ethos that shapes its sustainable design.

In a time of climate change, Duo’s commitment to environmentally friendly strategies is a cause to be celebrated. Presented by laminate brand Greenlam at the Tatler Design Awards, the Architecture of the Year accolade honours distinctive design, as well as meaningful ways of integrating the built environment with nature.

Developed by M+S and designed by architecture practice Büro Ole Scheeren, the twin towers of Duo feature honeycomb-like cladding and concave voids that make the slender structures appear as if they were partially dematerialising towards the ground level.

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Scroll through the gallery below for a look at the award-winning development:

Soaring above the Bugis precinct, Duo manages the impressive feat of crafting more verdant spaces within the city while adding a distinctive silhouette to the Singapore skyline.
Duo was specially designed to meet the Building & Construction Authority’s Green Mark Scheme, which recognises sustainable initiatives by developers, designers and builders in Singapore. Its eco-conscious interior, exterior architecture and facilities include naturally ventilated spaces and energy-efficient features, as well as verdant outdoor areas throughout its compound.
The integrated development comprises commercial, residential and hospitality spaces including boutique hotel Andaz Singapore, as well as green outdoor spaces equal to 100 per cent of the site area—these include landscaped sections on the ground floor and elevated terraces for residents and hotel guests.

With sustainability at the forefront of its business philosophy, Greenlam recognises this. The manufacturer ensures that the production of its decorative laminates meet international green building standards set by institutions including Germany’s Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), as well as certification programmes by Greenguard in the US and Green Label in Singapore.

The laminate collections by Greenlam similarly seek inspiration from nature, with a rich spectrum of textures ranging from the warm tones of wood veneers and woven fabric-like prints to the beautiful veins of marble-like patterns. These can be paired with the brand’s shimmery range of metallic and pearl-effect laminates, neutral shades, and solid colours in pastels and jewel tones.

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Scroll through the slides below for a closer look at Greenlam's nature-inspired collections:

Create a statement wall with marble-effect laminates from Greenlam.
Laminates can also be cut to form intriguing designs, such as a tessellating hexagonal pattern and other creative geometric mosaics. Patterns may be digitally printed onto the surfaces upon request to make your laminate of choice fully personalised for your home.
Greenlam’s extensive library of laminates also includes high-gloss finishes, alongside fire-retardant, dust-resistant, anti-fingerprint or countertop options suitable for homes, schools, workspaces and other commercial projects.
Laminates with woven-like details add a tactile dimension to walls and other surfaces.

Beyond the diverse uses and colourways, these laminates can be customised and cut to fit your decorative needs, be it for a statement wall or to clad shelving units with pops of colour.

In addition, the entire range of Greenlam laminates incorporates Safeguard Plus—the signature anti-bacterial, melamine resin coating that minimises the growth of bacteria on these surfaces. Family-friendly options such as the chalk and marker-grade collections feature laminates that can be written on, so shopping lists and playful drawings can be easily wiped off.

These adaptable qualities make the Greenlam collections a wellspring of creative material pairings and an ingenious decorative resource for homeowners and designers alike—the perfect accompaniment to any interior scheme.

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This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes February-March 2018. Read more about the Tatler Design Awards here.


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