Gold Hit

November 23, 2015 | BY Jolene Khor

Pick up this 24K gold-plated tennis racket and drive home your penchant for guilty pleasures.

If gold watches, pens and bathroom taps are simply too discreet for you, you might want to extend the Midas touch to your mobile phone, iPad, Apple Watch, and even your Xbox console with 24K gold plating by Goldgenie. For the all-rounder that you are, accoutrements for outdoor undertakings can likewise be overlaid in the shiny stuff: golf club, Segwheel, racer bike... But to really drive home your penchant for guilty pleasures, pick up the 24K gold-plated tennis racket. A couple of grams of precious metal over the high-performance graphite racket frame won’t affect your game that much, but if you really must, make the strings a gold weave and render the whole thing useless on the court—except to dazzle. Gild to your fancy at