Get To Know The Rascal, A Private Yacht For Off-The-Grid Adventures


January 19, 2018 | BY Sanjay Surana

This luxury yacht navigates some of the most gorgeous seas in the world with only you and your chosen ones on board.

Hardcore cruisers believe that if you don't like cruising, that means you just haven't found the right cruise for you. We're inclined to agree, especially since there are more and more ultra-luxury yachts that marry stylish design with utmost privacy and top-notch service. Case in point: Rascal Voyages. It first set sail in late 2016 and over a year later, it definitely reigns the Indonesian sea. Here's why:

The Look

Resembling a glamorous fishing boat, Rascal is a contemporary take on a phinisi (traditional Indonesian sailing vessel), built without the twin masts that are usually a hallmark of these boats. The bonus of not having sails is that the ship feels open, with plenty of outdoor deck and terrace space and a flat rooftop that will sate even the most zealous sun worshipper. Measuring 31 metres long, the ironwood and teak vessel was built on a remote beach in South Sulawesi by traditional methods and is small enough to access narrow waterways and channels.

The Rooms

The cabins have a Hamptons-meets-Bali aesthetic and look more like a plush room in a beach villa than a typically cramped ship’s cabin where function trumps form. All five rooms on the boat are above water, spread over two decks, and come with high ceilings, bright interiors, ocean views, large ensuite bathrooms with wooden deck-style floors, rattan-panelled ceilings, and Sonos audio systems. Pretty details included wardrobes made of flattened bamboo, mother-of-pearl accents in the bathroom mirror frames, and cabinets with crushed shell inlay facades. Select pieces of artwork offer a nod to Indonesia and its sumptuous seas—gold-framed photos of fish or lobsters, tribal masks, ornamental wooden dugout paddles.

The Location

The ship trawls the waters of Indonesia, wherever the guests want it to go, though firmly guided by its motto of “If coconuts don’t grow there, we don’t go there”. Rascal has no set itinerary and all voyage routes are a result of collaborations between the crew and the guests, but the boat tends to split its time between the sublime waters of Komodo National park and the aquatic wonderland of Raja Ampat. Whatever the location, expect to see islands surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise seas, and waters rich with parrotfish, turtles, rays, and more.

The Experience

The beauty of each custom journey is precisely that—it’s calibrated to the desire of guests. Itineraries can be as lazy or action-packed as you want, though given the gorgeous, untouched natural surroundings, we’d recommend taking the opportunity to unwind and soak in the breathtaking environment. Some destinations are devoid of phone signal, WiFi, and signs of civilisation, making them an ideal location for a physical and digital detox, a refreshing sense of isolation and detachment from daily life.

But fear not, there is plenty on board to keep guests busy. The cruise director is a dive master and stocks a full array of dive equipment on board (newbies can take an open-water certification course during a trip) and sea toys include sturdy stand-up paddle boards and kayaks. There is usually a beach barbecue arranged at some point during a trip, featuring the light, fresh, flavourful food designed by the team behind Bali’s highly successful Watercress cafes, and the ship’s very own rum, crafted by Proof & Company. Most of all though, you’ll just want to gaze at the heart-achingly beautiful sea and islands peppered in it. And who could blame you—isn’t that the point of being on a boat?

Additional text by Kissa Castañeda

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