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Art Design Get Home Improvement Inspiration From 3 Lavish Penthouses Designed by Prestige Global Designs

Get Home Improvement Inspiration From 3 Lavish Penthouses Designed by Prestige Global Designs

Get Home Improvement Inspiration From 3 Lavish Penthouses Designed by Prestige Global Designs
By Annabelle Bok
January 13, 2021
If you’re looking to upgrade or improve the environment you spend most of your time in, there’s no reason not to reach for the stars

With working from home being the norm for the foreseeable future, you’d definitely want to make sure all your bases are covered when embarking on any sort of home improvement project. And as Prestige Global Designs’ co-founders Michael Ong and Jeremy Tay have built their design firm’s prestigious international reputation on creating intensely personal, yet sumptuous interiors that ingeniously maximise spatial functionality, it’s a good idea to take a look at some of their most well-received recent projects.

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Punches of Personality at Pavilion 11 

Tay says the furnishing of this abode was “a team effort” with the well-travelled and charismatic homeowners, who are a young family of five. The aim was to creatively turn the lofty two-storey space (complete with a private rooftop) into something that felt “homely yet luxurious, with a mix of different design elements”, able to serve the family’s practical daily needs while also being able to comfortably accommodate regular house parties. One of the project’s most interesting and experimental points, Tay notes, was the deliberate absence of a TV in the main living area.


The result is a thoughtfully planned, tropically inspired mix of design features that combine playful touches and plush accents in a delicate harmony that both soothes and excites the senses. Elegant bay windows, sumptuous cushions, and a Giorgetti rocking chair share the home’s main living spaces with superhero-themed artwork, a floral art piece, and oversized decorative fruit. And up on the roof terrace, geometric tiles provide a cheerful contrast to the elegant foliage-clad poolside seating area.

Laid-Back Luxury at Corals at Keppel Bay

In their bid to meet the three homeowners’ desire for “a stylish sanctuary that celebrates its proximity to the sea…and preference for gold accents”, Tay and Ong took full advantage of this waterfront home’s unusual proportions, which Tay says bring to mind “the shape of a superyacht or a ship”. The finished design builds on the property’s lofty location and panoramic views, creating a veritable “jewel by the sea” that is very much loved by its inhabitants.

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The sense of serene grandeur that pervades this home is clear from the moment one steps into the private lift lobby at its entrance: the eye is immediately drawn to a dreamy painting of clouds and mountains, framed in gold. The elegant dining area is brightened by pops of red, while its adjoining entertainment space is deliberately done up in dark wood and shades of blue for a calming effect—gilded details and artworks depicting horses and koi add movement and a quiet dynamism.

Elegant Eclecticism at Kingsford Waterbay

Having a vast floor space to work with (this home combines two penthouses) is not always easier, especially when the house has to accommodate the different needs and preferences of a couple and their two young children, visiting grandparents, and large family gatherings. It had to be spacious and flexible, with airy communal spaces as well cosy areas to read, chill out, and play games together, or indulge in their own unique interests.


To incorporate such a diversity of themes, Tay and Ong kept the base design concept simple and neutral: dark wood joinery, neutral shades on the walls and floors, and blue and grey accents. These provide a harmonious backdrop to the home’s various statement features and intimate nooks, like the majestic Gold Moon chandelier in the dining room, the floor-to-ceiling display for the husband’s extensive collection of rare spirits, the mezzanine library, and the nature-inspired carpeted lounge. Even the utilitarian areas are themed: the décor in each bathroom showcases a major city, celebrating the family’s love of travel.

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Prestige Global Designs’ Latest Accolades

Listed in the 2021 edition of The World’s Leading Design Names

International Property Awards 2020

  • Residential Interior Show Home Singapore — The Mansion in The Woods
  • Residential Interior Private Residence Singapore — The Mansion in The Woods, Sky@Eleven
  • Residential Interior Apartment Singapore — The Mansion in The Woods, Sky@Eleven
  • Best Leisure Interior Singapore — Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic

MUSE Design Awards 2020

  • Gold Winner, Singapore Interior Living Spaces — The Mansion in The Woods
  • Gold Winner, Singapore Interior Residential — Eastern Promises
  • Silver Winner, Singapore Interior Living Spaces —Eastern Promises
  • Silver Winner, Singapore Interior Residential —The Mansion in The Woods
  • Silver Winner, Singapore Interior Bedrooms — Eastern Promises

Winner, Best Use of Art, Tatler Design Awards 2020

Prestige Global Designs is part of the Best of Singapore 2021 guide.


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