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Toys The Best "Game Of Thrones" Collectibles To Own In 2019

The Best "Game Of Thrones" Collectibles To Own In 2019

The Best "Game Of Thrones" Collectibles To Own In 2019
By Amelia Yeo
March 30, 2019
With less than three weeks to the start of the HBO show's final season, here are the top collaborations that have been inspired by the Kingdoms of Westeros

1/5 HBO x Diageo Game of Thrones single malt scotch whisky collection

Have you rewatched the first seven seasons in preparation for the finale on April 14? We've got the perfect beverage to keep you company through this marathon, if you haven't done it yet. HBO and Diageo, the world’s largest producer of spirits, teamed up to create a limited-edition GOT collection featuring eight bottles of single malt scotch whisky, each representing the seven great Kingdoms of Westeros and the Night’s Watch. 

Taking on the names and crests from various Houses of the show, including the Starks from Winterfell and Lannisters from King’s Landing, each whisky bottle comes from a unique whiskey distillery in Scotland and draws an authentic storyline to each House and its narrative.

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Image: Courtesy of Diageo
Image: Courtesy of Diageo

To give an example, ruling over the greenest and most luscious pastures of Westeros, the Clynelish Reserve named after House Tyrell is light and has a delicate floral note; as compared to the Royal Lochnagar 12 Years for House Baratheon, where the whisky has received a Royal Warrant after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited the distillery in 1849. Best enjoyed neat, the origins of the drink references the royal lineage of the Baratheons as well. 

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2/5 Urban Decay x Game of Thrones make-up collection

Stirring the excitement of die-hard fans after releasing several video snippets of fiery and frosty shades on Instagram, Urban Decay, the brand behind the cult favourite Naked palettes, has just announced its GOT collaboration. 

Inspired by the powerful women and warring landscapes across the kingdoms of Westeros and the fight to sit on the iron throne, the collection is bold enough to empower the Mother of Dragons. What we did not expect though, are the collectible tools that come along with it. Take a first look at the Game of Thrones x Urban Decay range below. 

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Jon Snow's Longclaw Large Eyeshadow Brush
Arya Stark's Needle Flat Eyeliner Brush
Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette
House Targaryen (jewel-tone shimmers), House Lannister (regal metallic mattes and shimmers), House Stark (smoky mattes and neutral shimmers) and the White Walkers (cool, icy shimmers)
Mother of Dragons Highlight Palette
Mother of Dragons Highlight Palette; Drogon (frosted pink), Viserlon (metallic golden nude) and Rhaegal (metallic bronze)
Dragon Smoke 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
The Night King 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Winterfell Snow 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Lannister Gold 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
White Walker Vice Lipstick
Cersei Vice Lipstick
Daenerys Vice Lipstick
Sansa Stark Vice Lipstick
Dracarys Lip and Cheek Stain

Behold, a 3-dimensional pop-up palette, armed with 20 shades for you to pledge your allegiance to your favourite house. Inspired by the powerful players in the show, the exclusive range of shimmers reflect each House sigil's colours and their iconic landmarks. Second on the list is the Mother of Dragons Highlight Palette with each shade taking on the personality of dragons Drogon, Viserlon and Rhaegal.

Thinking of serving up looks as dramatic as the Mother of Dragon's command in Valyrian, Dracarys? Well now you can. The Dracarys lip and cheek stain emulates the bloodshed in the process of claiming the Iron Throne, perfect for you to to channel your inner Daenerys by slay your look when you're out and about.

Waterproof with an incredible ability to not budge (unlike the unfortunate collapse of the Wall in the latest season's finale), prepare for battle with the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. With Jon Snow's Longclaw and Arya's Needle sword in hand, no less. 


3/5 White Walker by Johnnie Walker

True to the nature of show’s most feared and enigmatic character, the White Walker, which is also the moniker of Johnnie Walker’s Game of Thrones-inspired whisky, is best had chilled. With the use of thermochromic ink which is temperature sensitive on the surface of the bottle, fans will be surprised to find a graphic icy reveal across it when the bottle is frozen. When tasked to concoct the distinct taste of the whisky, the drink's specialist George Harper was inspired by the frosty North in the critically-acclaimed show and referenced the whisky distilled in one of Scotland's Northernmost distillery as a starting point.

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Image: Courtesy of Johnnie Walker
Image: Courtesy of Johnnie Walker

“Whiskies from Clynelish have endured long, Scottish winters, not dissimilar to the long periods endured by the Night’s Watch who have ventured north of the wall—so it was the perfect place to start when creating this unique whisky.”

Perhaps this could be the perfect way to get an authentic taste of the North and fully immerse yourself in the final season, where one expects lots of action from the warring race beyond the wall.

adidas Running Ultraboost x Game of Thrones Collection
adidas Running White Walker
adidas Running Targaryen_W
adidas Running Targaryen
adidas Running Lannister
adidas Running Stark
adidas Running Night's Watch

4/5 Adidas running Ultraboost x Game of Thrones collection

Step into the shoes of your favourite House. Adidas has collaborated with HBO on this limited-edition collection of six Ultraboost running shoes available exclusively online and at selected Adidas stores in Singapore. Each representing the noble families of Westeros, the major sportswear brand has reimagined the crests and family colours of the Lannisters, Starks, Targaryens, Night's Watch and even the unrelenting White Walkers in vivid sneaker form. With the various tags located behind each sneaker quoting the House motto, fans can pledge their allegiance proudly as to who they believe will sit on the Iron Throne in the end.

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Image: Courtesy of Goodreads
Image: Courtesy of Goodreads

5/5 A Feast of Ice and Fire cookbook

Ever wondered what the much-loved (and loathed) characters of the Seven Kingdoms had for supper? GOT fans and amateur chefs Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer did. What started out as a passion project by the duo has culminated into a full-fledged published cookbook, giving fans all around the world an authentic, gastronomical insight into the show. 

And get this: This recipe book personally endorsed by GOT author George R.R. Martin himself. 

With more than 100 recipes divided by region and adapted for the modern day cook, the recipes within will have you covered from breakfast through to supper, guaranteed to whet your appetite. 

A side tip though, if you're in the mood for a more authentic, medieval meal, choose to swap out for the standard chicken with some live doves and stock up on dragon eggs to feast like regal royalty. After all, revising the quote from Ned Stark in the first season of the show—winter is here—so why sweat the extra few pounds? 

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