Sail Through The Sky With Emirates's New Luxury Yacht Cabins


February 27, 2017 | BY AFP

Come July, this multi-million upgrade will make air travel a breezy summer cruise.


Emirates is set to debut a new, redesigned onboard bar and lounge this summer, inspired by yacht cabins. This stunning upgrade aboard the A380 that will feature increased seating, an airier look, and luxe champagne colour palette with glossy dark wood trim. 

Designed in a horseshoe-shape, the A380 Onboard Lounge will feature a new seating arrangement that includes tables with window views with a capacity of 26 passengers at a time, including eight seated guests. The redesign is in response to customer feedback calling for more space to socialise and mingle comfortably. 

Reserved for first and business class passengers, the lounge is located on the upper deck of the aircraft, and will offer guests the chance to nibble on canapes, sip on wine, spirits or cocktails by the glass while watching live broadcasts of the news or sports games on a 55-inch LCD screen. Soundproof curtains will also be installed to partition the lounge from the other cabins. The revamped lounge will make its debut on a new A380 in July.

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