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May 8, 2017 | BY Jonathan Tan

Feel the luxurious difference with LG Signature.


 What do you look for in a beautiful home? Perhaps its décor that’s industrial chic, or something with a hint of Baroque glamour. But no matter your taste or preference, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: A gorgeous abode is somewhere you feel relaxed, comfortable and at peace—even better, if everything you want and need is at your fingertips.

LG SIGNATURE_Key Visual__Range_without dispenser_black.jpg.jpg

The Signature Difference

Enter LG Signature, a new, ultra-premium brand by electronics giant LG. Over the years, the renowned household brand has introduced many industry-leading offerings. But with the introduction of LG Signature, they look to redefine the meaning of living luxuriously. By adopting a stylishly pragmatic approach to design, the luxe brand marries form and function to match the needs of the consumer, so what you get is beautiful, practical, yet intuitive.

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 The quintessential lifestyle products are sophisticated and extremely pleasing to the eye. Each and every item has been thoughtfully crafted from its ideation through to the end user experience, so it provides unrivaled performance based on the product’s true essence. Without a doubt, they are extremely technologically advanced, elegant in form yet efficient in function; a complement to one’s discerning tastes and able to fulfil one’s fundamental needs in the home.

 Here’s a closer look at the key LG Signature products. 

LG Signature Oled TV Wmedium04.jpg

LG has achieved an engineering feat with a picture-on-wall design for its ultra-slim W7 television. Its screen is a mere 2.57mm thick—so slim you might mistake it for a modern piece of art—yet it promises high dynamic resolution, and picture quality that’s just nearly as sharp and vivid as having a scene played before your very eyes. The best part? The W7 can be directly mounted onto a wall with magnets to eliminate unsightly gaps that may potentially distort perception.  

 LG Signature Refrigerator


Impeccable minimalist form aside, the LG Signature Refrigerator takes convenience to a whole new level. A simple knock on the door panel is all it takes to have it turn transparent, so you can see what’s stocked in the fridge without having to actually open the door. Should you have your hands full, the Auto Open Door Feature opens the fridge door automatically when you approach it, allowing for easy, hands-free access.   

 LG Signature Washing Machine


Built with durable black tempered glass and enamel coating, the LG Signature Washing Machine repels fingerprints, scratches and corrosion. It features an embedded Quick Circle User Interface tilted at a 17 degree angle, so you can easily view and select options when standing. Besides having a built-in dryer, the washer’s TWINWashTM system, with automatic dosing system for the detergent, allows you to run two loads at once, helping save precious time. Equipped with LG’s proprietary Centum SystemTM, the LG Signature Washing Machine minimizes tub’s vibrations, allowing for a quieter and more energy efficient wash.

 LG Signature Air Purifier 


Having to deal with haze and pollution in general, may be "common" problems you face when living in a city, but it doesn't mean you have to suffer for it. The LG Signature Air Purifier comes complete with the Rain View design, which creates a visual experience of the purification process, and the Watering System—a powerful watering engine that filters out harmful chemicals from the environment. It also features LG’s Semi-Permanent Filter System that can be removed, washed and reused for up to 10 years, offering durability and savings.

 To get acquainted with LG Signature, head down to Ion Orchard, Level 1 Atrium from May 12 to 23. You can get up close and witness firsthand the suite of innovative features offered by these products. 

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