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Travel Dracula's Castle in Romania is Now a Covid-19 Vaccine Centre

Dracula's Castle in Romania is Now a Covid-19 Vaccine Centre

Transylvania’s Bran Castle, Romania (Photo: Getty Images)
Transylvania’s Bran Castle, Romania (Photo: Getty Images)
By Kaitlyn McInnis
May 23, 2021
The unique pop-up vaccination centre aims to lure more visitors into the Transylvania region of Romania

Transylvania’s Bran Castle—otherwise known as Dracula’s Castle—has recently announced its plans to “sting” any and all visitors or tourists interested… with a shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, that is.

The Romanian castle has kicked off a Covid-19 vaccination centre right on Dracula’s fictitious property, giving local and international guests access to free vaccine doses every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this month—without requiring a prior appointment—in the Medieval customs building.

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Located in the Carpathian Mountains, the initiative is a two-fold approach: on one hand, it’s aiming to lure more visitors to the historic property and the surrounding attractions, and on the other, well, aiding in global vaccination will help push global herd immunity.

It’s not just a pop-up clinic, either. The Bran Castle vaccination centre has taken the theme to the next level with the campaign featuring imagery of a vampire’s snarl with their fangs replaced by needles. The on-site medical staff administering the shots will also have fang stickers on their scrubs to stick with the spooky theme.

According to a post on the official Bran Castle Facebook page, paying for admission to the castle is not a requirement to receive the shot—but if they opt for the guided property tour, they will also unlock free access to the Exhibition with Medieval Torture Tools.

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The coolest part? All beneficiaries will receive a unique “vaccinated at Bran Castle” official diploma—which may even be better than a passport stamp at this point in the pandemic.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Transylvanian pop-up vaccination centre at Dracula’s Castle, be sure to visit the official Bran Castle website. Note that more information can be requested directly by emailing:


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