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Art Design Dieting made easy

Dieting made easy

Dieting made easy
By Poppy Skinner
June 16, 2015

The 5:2 diet is used by everyone from Beyoncé to Miranda Kerr and now HIC Juices have made it even easier for us mere mortals. 

Of all the diets to come and go over recent years, the 5:2 has really stood the test of time. Said to boost the body's ability to protect and repair, studies have found that intermittent fasting enables the body to burn fat at a higher rate after the fast is finished. Working around a five days on, two days off theory, it sounds simple enough, eat as you normally would five days of the week and then, for just two days, consume 500 calories worth of nutritionally balanced goodness. Well, as anyone who has ever tried the celebrity favourite 5:2 diet will tell you, finding said 500 calories of 'perfect' food isn't all that easy.

Well, enter HIC Juices and their new take on the 5:2 diet problem. Riding high on their popularity as Singapore's newest and most loved juice company, they have devised a calorie controlled, nourishment perfected range of juices for your two fasting days. So how does it work? Well, it's quite simple. On your fasting days, all you have to do is consume three (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 500ml bottles of dense cold pressed juices and protein rich nut shakes to give your system the perfect fighting chance to rest and recuperate. No more counting calories, no more furiously studying the back of food packets to figure out ingredients, just easy-peasy diet friendly, metabolism boosting, digestive system goodness. 

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