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Weddings Two Green Thumbs Up For These Eco-Conscious Wedding Favours

Two Green Thumbs Up For These Eco-Conscious Wedding Favours

Two Green Thumbs Up For These Eco-Conscious Wedding Favours
By Jolene Khor
December 16, 2016

Love the Earth like you love your partner.

In Full Bloom


This is the one time it’s acceptable to take the table decor home. The mobile floral arrangements from Boenga that double as favours are fully customisable. Harijanto Setiawan, founder and florist, says that aside from paper bag and fabric box carriers, modern brides are experimenting with recycled wine boxes and even fruit trays in the spirit of eco-gifting.

Body Language


The raw materials used in Lush’s handmade body products are ethically sourced and all packaging are refillable and biodegradable. The company, which supports small groups advocating for the environment, animal protection and human rights, also takes large orders for its pre-packaged gifts. Simply pop by any store, pick out your favourite products and wait two to three months for all your favours to be delivered.

Stop It

mr.p serie71.jpg

Hands up if you’ve thrown fantastic wine away because you couldn’t finish it. Now raise your hand if you want your friends to do the same. That’s what we thought. Propaganda, an award-winning lifestyle retailer with a sense of humour, is the brain behind this Mr.P wine stopper, aptly named One Man Stuck. Sure, you may consider stoppers of a more exemplary (read: boring) design, but really, where’s the fun in that?

Good Seed


Atttention all aspiring horticulturalists. NÓNG, the retail arm of Edible Garden City, will make an urban farmer out of you. Even those born without a green thumb will love the indoor self-watering kits, comprising a compact self-watering pot, water level indicator, premium planting mix, a packet of seeds and easy-to-follow planting instructions. Choose from microgreen, vegetable, herb and fruit seeds, so your guests can watch their salads grow in their homes, with minimal effort.





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