How To Care For Your Classic Car


November 2, 2017 | BY Kate Ng of Luxglove

Having a classic car is a lot like owning a piece of art as it’s both priceless and a timeless investment that requires extra care and love.

Here's what every collector should know.

Photo: Courtesy of Michael Held from Unsplash.

Keep it spotlessly clean

Although this might seem like a redundant care tip, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your classic car clean. The buildup of dirt and grime not only damages the paintwork on your car, it may also affect the car’s performance with the collection of dust in small, inaccessible places. Cars are also susceptible to rust and keeping your automobile clean both inside and outside will help prevent that.

How To Care For Your Classic Car
Photo: Courtesy of Eric Saunders

Wax and polish

Like a diamond, bring out the shine in the paintwork and keep your classic car looking great. Use a good car wax for protective layer and a durable coat. Although, there are many brands and quality of car wax out there and it can be difficult to pick the most suitable one, just ask around the classic car community for tips and recommendations.

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Photo: Courtesy of Frank Albrecht on Unsplash.

Replacing the oil in your car

We have a tendency to focus more on how the outer appearance of the car looks rather than what’s under the hood. Always remember to change the oil to ensure that it does not degrade! Oil degrades in an engine over time and with use, so changing the oil in your classic car regularly is a good idea—perhaps once every six months? It might be a tad troublesome, but it will be worth your while in the long run as it keeps your car in tip-top condition, and hopefully help you avoid expensive repairs.

How To Care For Your Classic Car
Photo: Courtesy of Burak Kebapci

Take your car out for a drive

Classic cars are all about maintaining a low mileage on the car and many worry about taking their automobiles out for a drive. However, leaving your car idle over long periods of time can cause problems with the engine and lead to broken parts. Rest assured that taking your classic car for a short drive helps you to keep the engine in good working order.

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