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Toys Bowers & Wilkins’ Formation Suite Stands in a Class of its Own

Bowers & Wilkins’ Formation Suite Stands in a Class of its Own

702 Signature Photography
Finished in exquisite Datuk Gloss, the 702 Signature combines state-of-the-art sound engineering with the highest possible standards of design, finish and quality
By Tan Wei Lin
February 17, 2021
For audio fans who want seamless performance on top of astounding sound, this top-tier wireless stereo system is undoubtedly the ultimate choice

In high-fidelity audio, there are only a select few names in the world that can truly claim supremacy. Among these, there are those that are household names, while others have retained a more exclusive identity that is sought out by audiophiles who have very specific demands when it comes to sound quality.  

Nautilus Photography
Nautilus, an icon of speaker design, is accorded a Millennium Award and has been seen at the Design Council and the Design Museum London

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Bowers & Wilkins is one such brand that has gained synonymity with innovation and is a firm favourite with audio enthusiasts. Since its beginnings in the 1960s, the Brit outfit has consistently impressed audio fans with speaker systems, headphones and car audio equipment that deliver sonic impact and realism, and, at the same time, pushed boundaries in terms of aesthetics and design.


Formation Wedge
Formation Wedge

The Formation Suite, unveiled two years ago, is the company’s latest achievement. This range of wireless speakers is a formidable player in the wireless audio market, and officially takes Bowers & Wilkins into a new technological era in the brand’s history. 

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At the core of the Formation Suite is its sophisticated technology—the wireless audio system boasts what the company terms Proprietary Robust Mesh Network. This innovation is developed to cover your whole home without impacting your home network quality, so that audio-streaming will not be affected by other wireless devices and music flows smoothly and interruption-free. The mesh network is also a patented technology, and sets a new industry standard for streaming quality, stability and speaker synchronisation.

The full Formation suite
The full Formation suite

With Bowers & Wilkins’ imperceptible speaker synchronisation of one microsecond, the speakers work in perfect harmony to create a listening experience that sounds like you’re listening to live music in your own living room.

The arrival of the wireless Formation Suite also opens up the possibilities to automate the audio-video controls within the home, just like how you can easily control your lighting, air-conditioning, curtains and home security set-up via a smart platform or your mobile phone. 


Formation Bar
Formation Bar

Find the ideal audio setup for your home theatre with the multiple options available with the Formation Suite. Whether its the Duo, Wedge, Bar or Flex that you prefer, they will all provide a sonic experience that will impress you while blending seamlessly into your home decor. 

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Being the official speaker and headphone brand that’s used at the legendary Abbey Road Studios—where some of the world’s most well-loved songs are recorded—is a testament to the exceptional performance that Bowers & Wilkins is renowned for. Isn’t it great that you can bring that same, amazing sound quality into your home?



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