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Toys Lust List: The Oyster Blue Water Cruiser For Your Private Sailing Expeditions

Lust List: The Oyster Blue Water Cruiser For Your Private Sailing Expeditions

Lust List: The Oyster Blue Water Cruiser For Your Private Sailing Expeditions
By Amelia Yeo
August 15, 2019
British luxury boat maker Oyster's all-new sailing yacht is perfect for a hassle-free owner-driver experience

The title of the world’s fastest cruiser is not an easy one to earn, considering the mechanical and technical triumphs required to surpass the competition. British luxury boat maker, Oyster Yachts, has leveraged on decades of experience to produce its fastest and sleekest sailboat yet, the Oyster 565. Measuring 59.3ft in length, it is the smallest of the brand’s newest generation of sailboats, which features sturdy hulls and customisable interior designs.

Specifically designed for a hassle-free owner-driver experience, the Oyster 565 comes equipped with a well‑balanced steering system and simple-powered sail handling. Perfect for a family or romantic getaway, this small expedition cruiser requires no additional crew on board. Not only does its twin rudders offer great maneuverability, the option to customise the body allows for easy shallow-water sailing. Because of its highly customisable hull, owners seeking to do long-distance cruising or participate in racing events can configure the yacht accordingly.

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For the interiors, Oyster Yachts has collaborated with acclaimed yacht designer, Humphreys Yacht Design. This explains the strong design focus in the cabins, which ensures that owners sail in both style and comfort. As the large master bedroom can be converted into two double cabins, the yacht can easily house a total of six guests.
With the promise of a fuss-free, yet luxurious sailing experience on the high seas, it is no wonder the Oyster 565 is a hit among sailing enthusiasts. It also snagged the title of Best Luxury Cruiser at the Southampton International Boat Show 2017, Britain’s largest international yachting showcase, two years before its physical debut. 

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Oyster 565 - The Oyster 565 is our new, award-winning blue water sailing yacht, part of our sixth Generation (G6) fleet of Oyster sailing yachts. Photo: Brian Carlin ©

Quick Facts About the Oyster 565 Yacht

£1,450,000: The starting price of an Oyster 565 yacht
2017: The year the initial design of the yacht was announced. The first hull was launched in May this year at St Katherine’s Dock in London
4: The number of Oyster 565 yachts that have been sold thus far, with the fifth hull available for delivery in the summer of 2020


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