What Do The World’s Richest Eat: Deciphering The Billionaire Diet

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November 20, 2018 | BY Singapore Tatler

Which side would you be on?

If you are utterly flamboyant...

1. Your daily poison is gin and Dubonnet like your third cousin, Queen Elizabeth II.
2. You buy the famous Japanese whisky distillery that you adore for your family’s personal consumption. 
3. You visit your employee’s house for dinner with your personal chef on hand.
4. Your favourite watering hole is the secret wine cellar in one of your many hotels.
5. You send your personal assistant on your private jet to pick up truffles in Piedmont, Italy for a dinner party.

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If you are utterly down to earth...

1. Your daily poison is 10 cans of Diet Coke.
2. You only buy food from your own online shopping portal, like Jack Ma.
3. You visit McDonald’s for breakfast every morning, like Warren Buffett.
4. Your favourite watering hole is your old pal Bill Gates’ house.
5. You hire a personal assistant to ensure that your personal office fridge is always stocked with sparkling water.

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