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Art Design Lust List: The Hourglass Sculpture To Get Your Hands On

Lust List: The Hourglass Sculpture To Get Your Hands On

Lust List: The Hourglass Sculpture To Get Your Hands On
Image: Courtesy of Berd Vay'e
By Amelia Yeo
March 05, 2019
A modern piece to add to your collection of exquisite novelties

We have long appreciated the finest forms of watches and modern art on their own terms, but Berd Vay’e is hoping to take this admiration to another level. Founded in 2014 by avid art collectors and horological connoisseurs, Eddie Kurayev, Albert Akbashev and Amit Verna, the New York-based company is known for its limited-edition modern art sculptures that showcase the complexity of watch movements. 
Its latest release, Passage Through Time, is an hourglass‑shaped sculpture that features actual Swiss‑made mechanical components from vintage timepieces sourced by expert curators. The gears are meticulously polished and restored by artisans and then placed individually into layers of liquid Lucite, a high-tech material used as optical grade acrylic sheets in submarines and helicopters, that is poured into a mould. The entire piece is then baked and cooled multiple times to achieve its shatter‑resistant form, before being shaped and polished further to become the finished product. 

Image: Berd Vay'e
Image: Courtesy of Berd Vay'e

Like the rest of Berd Vay’e’s creations, Passage Through Time is available in two sizes and each is individually numbered. Each masterpiece also comes in a beautifully polished mahogany case. Indeed, the sculpture is an exquisitely crafted piece that will withstand the test of time. 

Quick Facts About The Passage Through Time

  • 1,600: The minimum number of watch components that can be found in a Berd Vay’e piece 
  • 999: The number of Passage Through Time hourglass sculptures produced
  • 8: The number of times a Berd Vay’e sculpture is baked, for eight to nine hours each time, before it is left to cool over a period of two to three days

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