A Luxury Apartment In The Heart Of Bangkok That's A Work Of Art

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April 10, 2017 | BY Singapore Tatler

The exquisite craftsmanship and artisanal quality of hand-selected materials elevate 98 Wireless from a building to a work of art.


An artist’s impression of the living spaces of 98 Wireless which opens the door to a lifestyle of indulgent pampering with five-star service and world-class amenities, embraced by the finest selection of materials put together with unsurpassed craftsmanship

Artisans hone their craft through years of rigorous training and steadfast dedication. They devote their heart and soul into creating works of art by combining their mastery of technique with the finest of materials. A violin maker, jewellery maker or marble carver does not produce a mere instrument, accessory or block of stone; they create artefacts that stir our emotions with their impeccable craftsmanship.

In this same artisanal spirit, Thailand’s only fully-integrated property developer, Sansiri, believes in “constructing life, not just buildings”. One of the latest additions to the award-winning real estate developer’s portfolio is 98 Wireless. The 25-storey luxury condominium sits in the heart of Bangkok on Wireless Road. At the crossroads of commercial, office, retail, entertainment and diplomatic districts, this exclusive neighbourhood is where the city’s historical, modern and green fabric is interwoven into an interesting tapestry. It took five years to realise this flagship development and it is a culmination of the relentless pursuit of perfection by the developer, in partnership with a world-class team of international designers and consultants.

Regarded as one of the most expensive marbles, the pattern of every Statuario marble is unique, and extraction requires time and immense skill

The team applied the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail as artisans, from the design and construction processes to the selection of materials. A curated selection of the world’s most sought-after marble and limestone was used extensively on the facade and the interiors of the 77-unit development, totalling an area of over 28,000sqm. These stones were chosen for their timeless elegance, and complemented the classic beaux-arts aesthetic of the building.

Every single sheet of Statuario marble is bookmatched to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces in every master bathroom

The design team travelled to the Italian mountains to personally select the size, quality and pattern of every single piece of marble, from white Volakas marble used in bathrooms; Calacatta marble with dramatic veins used on tabletops and backsplashes; delicately-veined Carrara marble used as a feature in the private pool of the 19th‑storey unit; and the prized Statuario marble used in master bathrooms.

Traditionally handcrafted Hyde Park Mouldings add a touch of classicism that complements the beaux-arts aesthetics of the development

Moleanos limestone can be found on the facade and interior floors of the common areas, showcasing the versatility of this popular Portuguese limestone. Each piece was selected not just based on aesthetics, but also its absorption value, a key indicator for limestone’s durability especially in a hot and humid climate such as Bangkok’s. This bears further testament to the meticulousness that has been bestowed upon 98 Wireless.

Apart from selecting materials of the finest quality, Sansiri also invested in test labs and mock-ups, subjecting the range of materials through accelerated weathering tests to ensure that they can withstand the test of time.

Hyde Park Mouldings also made the perfect embellishment for the property. Handcrafted from pure gypsum plaster and natural reinforcing fibres, its ceiling systems, centrepieces and crown mouldings imbue an understated elegance into every room.

Rare mahogany crotch door panels, handmade brass door knobs and solid white oak herringbone floors strike the right balance of magnificent opulence and timeless sophistication

Complementing the finest palette of stone mouldings and other materials is solid white oak sourced from a leading manufacturer in the US. The classic herringbone pattern for the living areas and straight plank pattern for the bedrooms in a rich chocolate brown colour, together with rare mahogany crotch door panels, are ultimate luxurious accents.

Guided by the mantra, “The best comes as standard”, 98 Wireless raises the bar in the ultra-luxury segment. Its exclusive location; world‑class design, partners and brand names; exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail make it more than just a home. If we might say, it is an embodiment of privileged living. 

98 Wireless
98 Wireless Road, Bangkok, Thailand
tel: 66 2201 3999 (Bangkok),  tel: 65 9499 1094 (Singapore)