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Art Design Are You Forgetting To Decorate This Space In Your Home?

Are You Forgetting To Decorate This Space In Your Home?

Are You Forgetting To Decorate This Space In Your Home?
By Hong Xinying
By Hong Xinying
March 03, 2017

A Singapore interior designer tells us more about why this space is often overlooked. Plus expert tips on the top luxury interior trends to watch.

A furniture deck can be a functional and stylish way to best utilise your home’s vertical space.
All images courtesy of SuMisura

When you’re in the midst of decorating your home, don’t forget to look upwards—especially if you’ve got a high-ceiling in your abode.

“Double volume and loft spaces are interesting spaces that most people do not know how to make use of,” says Angela Lim, director of interior design firm SuMisura. “Designing vertical spaces however, can be challenging as there is very specific know-how in making these loft areas functional, accessible and safe.”

To best utilise such high vertical spaces, the interior designer has done everything from integrating a furniture deck into a high-ceiling room to strategically adding artworks and statement-making chandeliers to spruce up double volume spaces.

Known for her knack for transforming challenging spaces into places that impress, Lim heads the award-winning design firm SuMisura (which means made-to-measure in Italian), which was founded in 2009 as the luxury interiors division of the Numero Uno Creative Group. “In fact, we take so much pride and effort in ‘fixing’ a hard-to-sell project that we have now become the ‘go-to-ID’ (interior design firm) for the difficult projects,” quips Lim.

Angela Lim, director of SuMisura

Here, the designer shares more about her design philosophy, plus more about the luxury interior trends to watch for 2017.

Could you describe your design philosophy?
Angela Lim When I first started working as an interior designer, I aimed to combine form and function, while designing according to the needs of my clients. One day, a client who walked into my showflat unit was wowed by the huge difference between the original shell and what we had transformed it into. Ever since that day, I’ve aimed to recreate that awe-inducing impact in each of my flagship projects, and it has become part of my design philosophy.

What does luxury mean to you?
AL To me, luxury has always been a standard of quality, exclusivity, a mark of authenticity and can come in the form of both material and experiential.

What are your thoughts on sustainable design?
AL I personally have a ‘cradle to grave’ approach towards sustainability. I like to give a new lease of life to items that can still perform its function, by reupholstering old furniture. Incorporating recycling bins underneath your kitchen sinks is another way to start making your home greener. Make sure to plan for these when you are designing your kitchen cabinetry, so you can sort your waste for glass, plastics and general waste. You can also use materials like bamboo and cork in your home, for these are renewable materials that are hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dewthey’re perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

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Which is your favourite section of the home to design?
AL I enjoy designing huge bathrooms as well as walk-in closets. Like many of my clients, I have tons of clothes that I can't bear to throw away, so it makes designing such spacious closets extremely satisfying.

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What are the top three interior trends can we expect for 2017?
AL Muted metals are in. Warm antique brass and copper are making a comeback in all sorts of interesting shapes and forms. We are seeing a lot of gunmetal shades, as well as the use of primitive steel on lamp stands, table legs and ironmongeries.

Bathrooms will get bigger and more luxurious. As we work longer and longer hours, the shower or bath at the start and end of each day becomes more and more important. That half an hour in the shower can be a truly rejuvenating experience. Throw in nice design details such as soft, concealed lighting, as well as useful bath ledges for the bath salts and creams, and the bathroom can be your little piece of heaven after a hard day’s work.

Maximalism is back. Strong and big patterns have overtaken the simple lines. The trend is definitely going towards Maximalism as the new order of the year.

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