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Art DesignAcacia Fine Fabrics — What’s Trending Now for Home Fabrics

Acacia Fine Fabrics — What’s Trending Now for Home Fabrics

Acacia Fine Fabrics — What’s Trending Now for Home Fabrics
By Low Shi Ping
July 11, 2016

Dress your domain with designer textiles from Acacia Fine Fabrics for a flawless look that ranks high on style and sophistication.


Acacia’s new headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Textiles are vital to home interiors. Whether you’re looking for drapes with an art nouveau motif, or chequered linen upholstery in a specific shade of orange, Acacia Fine Fabrics is the ideal go-to for a wide range of European fabrics — it has more than 19,000 items in its inventory. The Kuala Lumpur-headquartered Malaysian company offers six distinctly different brands, which are available throughout its boutiques across Southeast Asia.


The spacious fabric library.

More recently, it opened a new warehouse-cum-office space spanning 70,000sqft that houses a comprehensive fabric library, and can hold up to four times more stock than before. Additionally, it also has a rooftop terrace offering impressive views of the twin-towered Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The venue is perfect for hosting Acacia’s partners, designers and dealers.


Fabric swatches, arranged by type and design, can be perused in an orderly fashion.

Growing through the decades
Established in 1994, Acacia Fine Fabrics has since grown into a well-known name in the home furnishing scene across Southeast Asia. This, in part, is credited to its extensive reach. It has regional offices and warehouses in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as dealerships across the region.


Acacia's Botanical Garden collections.

Cushions, curtains and chairs
While the mention of home fabrics usually brings to mind upholstery, at Acacia Fine Fabrics, one can find textiles that can be used for up to seven different purposes. These include wall coverings, drapes and curtains (both black-out and day curtains). It also has materials that have multiple functions, such as to wrap an ottoman and a throw pillow.

Fancy a feminine style for your living room? Choose from the Acacia range’s Botanical Garden collection. Its velvety Arboretum is ideal as a wrap for the sofa. Complement the look with the pink-and-green-striped Kew cushion covers, and floral-printed Herbarium and Bonsai drapes.

Alternatively, replicate that country look with a contemporary twist with the help of Antilles from the Estelle collection. Hang curtains made from the blue, beige and grey Duckegg over French doors. Then jazz up the sofa with throw cushions clad in the light brown Cookie from Rico.


Estelle's Antilles.

Trends and tips

Julia Kong, Acacia Fine Fabrics’ group brand and marketing manager, offers the latest insights into the industry headliners.

What’s trending for home fabrics in 2016?
Julia Kong Minimalist, modern contemporary style schemes are now more popular than resort and rustic style schemes. We see owners leaning towards simpler fabric designs for their sofas and curtains. However, there are also those with more adventurous tastes who will pick clashing designs to make a statement.

How has technology affected the evolution of fabrics over the years?
Kong Man-made fibres like polyester and acrylic have become so sophisticated that the end product can even look and feel like natural fibre products such as cotton and silk.

“We see owners leaning towards simpler fabric designs for their sofas and curtains.”

What is the trending material for home fabrics in 2016?
Kong Polyester-based products have become increasingly popular for their versatility and the fact that they can be printed with different designs. In addition, they are easy to maintain as most can be cleaned in a washing machine and require no special treatment.

Many homeowners think that it is not possible to use large patterns in a small space. Is it true, and how can a homeowner work around this?
Kong It really depends on the preference of the individual homeowner. Large prints tend to bore easily and are rarely evergreen choices. If a homeowner particularly likes a large bold print fabric, it is best to use it as a cushion cover. Alternatively, have a textured sofa appointment with bright, bold and big prints, but pair it with curtains in a simple design.


Acacia's Bohemian Rhapsody.

How should homeowners select the right colour tones for their fabrics?
Kong First, set a design theme for the home. The colour choices will then fall into place. Do not be restricted to just one theme, however. It is possible to have different styles for different areas, to create varied atmospheres.

Maintenance of home fabrics is a big concern for many. What are some tips you can provide to homeowners who are worried about stains, mildew and dirt build-up?
Kong Always remove the stain immediately. Do not let it seep into the fabric. Use a metal spoon to scrape it off, and clean it with water and a white cloth or napkin in a circular motion. If this fails, buy a good quality stain removal solution and clean in the same circular motion. It is also important to understand the care and washing instructions for the fabric.

What type of fabric would you suggest using for a household with children and pets, such as dogs and cats?
Kong If you have children at home, insist that the fabrics are OEKOTEX 100 certified. They should be non-allergenic, and free from heavy metals and potential carcinogenic materials that are harmful to skin. They should also be environmentally friendly. If there are pets in the home, avoid delicate fabrics such as lace and silk. Instead, opt for heavier materials like canvas to ensure durability­ — anything above 30,000 rubs (a measurement of a fabric’s strength) is most ideal.

Material look book

Across the six collections offered by Acacia Fine Fabrics is a variety of options perfect for homes of every imaginable style.

Visit to view the list of its local distributors or call 6743 0060 for enquiries on custom curtain or upholstery creations.


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