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Art Design A New Sheen: Christofle

A New Sheen: Christofle

A New Sheen: Christofle
By Singapore Tatler Homes
February 19, 2015

It’s hard not to love the gleam of silver.

It’s hard not to love the gleam of silver. But not all silver are made equal. Among the brands that give silver the enduring shine is Christofle. After all, the brand, which first began in 1830, has stood the test of time for their well-made products. Always on the cutting edge, Christofle continually explores new technologies for its production process. The latest is the process that it’s developed called SilverEver. By applying an invisible protective nanometric layer, it makes the metal water repellent. What it does then is slow down the effect of oxidation on silver and silver metals. Unlike a classic varnish, this technique retains the metal’s shine. Look for the SilverEver hallmark, seen on several models of trays and “vide poche” from the Ag47, Albi, Elémentaire, Fidelio, Graffiti, Jardin d’Eden, Malmaison, Paix and Vertigo collections.

For more information, call Christofle at 6733 7257.


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