Meet The Multifunctional Chair That Puts A Creative Spin On Personalisation

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January 3, 2017 | BY AFP

Spyntex, a multi-functional chair that takes modular design to a new level, reached its crowdfunding goal last week and expects to begin shipping to its backers late next year.

Bearing the tagline "Infinity in one object," Spyntex launched on Kickstarter in November with a goal of £30,000 (approximately €35,158.5) and had surpassed £85,000 (approximately €99,616) when its campaign came to an end this month.
Spyntex consists of a kit of 61 bars that slide together to create chairs of various shapes and sizes or even home accessories, toys and other furniture. Each bar consists of a short and a long side; to create a curved surface, users must put two short sides together; for a straight surface, the bar can be flipped so that a short side comes together with a long side.
Uses suggested by the company include an armchair, a chaise longue, a partition, a stool, sporting equipment or a kids' slide.
Some may recognize the design of Spyntex, which takes its inspiration from Spyndi, a similar concept that consisted of wooden interlocking bars. The Spyntex team acquired exclusive rights to the Spyndi design with the hopes of transforming it into an affordable product for families.
While Spyndi comes in at more than €5,000 for a full kit, Spyntex is a lower-priced option, with an estimated retail price of £530 pounds (€620). Spyntex is also sustainable, and said to be made from 100 percent recyclable composite materials. The water-resistant bars feature a smooth surface and are good for use both indoors and outdoors.
A Spyntex app offers a 3D design simulator that enables users to virtually build furniture designs of their own or choose from pre-made models that can be re-created. Users can name their original designs and share them with the community via the app.
The company has two kits in the works: the adult version that is expected to retail for £530 pounds as well as a kids' version with an expected price of £350 pounds (€410). Both consist of a combination of short and long bars and will come in nine colors.
Kickstarter backers were able to order packs at reduced prices, with the first ones expected to ship in November 2017.

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