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Weddings Sandra Chang on Heirloom Jewellery and Eternal Love

Sandra Chang on Heirloom Jewellery and Eternal Love

Sandra Chang on Heirloom Jewellery and Eternal Love
By Melissa Gail Sing
June 28, 2016

Tatler Weddings peers into Sandra Chang’s jewellery boxes for a close look at her most treasured wedding jewels and discovers why her gems will never lose their lustre whether they’ve been in the family for 10 years or a hundred.


Sandra Chang’s collection of heirloom jewellery for her daughter include this pair of art deco earrings, bracelet and ring.

Some people believe that heirloom jewellery should be preserved even if it means they are kept in a safe deposit box, while others feel the gifts of love can be updated to make them wearable. Sandra Chang is guided by a simple rule of thumb: “If the jewellery has a particular style of an era that is timeless, resetting is unnecessary and would take away the very beauty that defines it. But above all, the sentimental value is always in the recipient’s heart.”

For her daughter’s wedding, she presented her with Cartier jewellery she had received from her husband Julian. “It symbolised great happiness and love for me, and I wanted to pass this feeling to Tara who wore the set for her tea ceremony,” she says.

A collector of art deco jewellery who appreciates the inimitable designs from the 1930s, she also gave Tara an art deco set comprising earrings, a bracelet and ring. “My daughter loves jade and there was no better opportunity to share with her this unique collection that is representative of an era when jewellery was exquisitely handmade,” she says.    


“Heirloom jewellery signifies eternal love and such items given as family heirlooms are to be truly cherished.”


“Beauty enraptures, and when a piece that I set my eyes on grabs my heart and soul, I fall in love with it. Logic doesn’t come into play. It’s all about going with the heart, and that’s the way I go about my life in general.”


“Tara and I have always done things together as mum and daughter. What’s important is the heart and soul, the depth of the relationship. For me, it is what’s in the heart eternally that matters most.”

“I bought the pieces from leading maisons and, like the Cartier set, I had worn them on many important occasions. They are so timeless in their beauty, with an original style and workmanship that simply cannot be replicated. They do not lend themselves well to being reset at all,” she says.

That’s not to say that she’d never alter jewellery that’s given to her, however. She proudly displays a set which she had reset from pearls received from her mother. “Jewellery presented during weddings signify eternal love. These heirlooms should be cherished and constantly worn.”

Photography: Lionel Lai/Acepix

Make-up and hair: Sha Shamsi


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