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Art Design 6 Bathroom Trends Everyone Loves In 2019

6 Bathroom Trends Everyone Loves In 2019

6 Bathroom Trends Everyone Loves In 2019
By Louisa Clare Lim
June 20, 2019
Take decor cues from the latest trends and key collections showcased at the ISH bathroom fair in Frankfurt this year
The Laufen New Classic collection, from Carera Bathroom
The Victoria + Albert Baths Clawfoot bathtub in a blue finish

1/6 Refreshed classics

This concept mixes the old and the new, combining a sense of history with contemporary design and innovation. As seen at the International Sanitary and Heating (ISH) fair in Frankfurt, Germany, traditional shapes are given fresh updates in the form of clean-cut detailing and bold colours.
British brand Victoria + Albert Baths has put a fresh spin on the clawfoot bathtub with colourful exterior finishes that range from pale pink to mustard yellow—an unexpected juxtaposition that breathes a new life into the classic design.
The work of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, the New Classic collection from Laufen is another highlight. It represents Wanders’ take on Neoclassicism, which embraces a modern sensibility and everyday utility while recalling the poetry and romance of bygone times. “The ultra-modern material SaphirKeramik has been moulded into a classic and iconic form. This lightweight yet resilient material gave us the unique opportunity to celebrate the beauty of fine porcelain with our elegant, soft lines,” says Wanders.

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Globo half-moon basins from Glass Design, from Equip Bathrooms
The Kartell by Laufen collection, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba

2/6 Washes of colour

This trend is all about making the bathroom more colourful and captivating while retaining a functional and streamlined design. Top picks include Kartell by Laufen, a collaborative range by Swiss brand Laufen and Italian design company Kartell. Designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, it draws influence from the colourful aesthetic of the seventies. Its collections include furnishings and accessories made of high-quality acrylic glass in numerous attractive colours such as emerald, amber, tangerine and copper.
Lightness and transparency of colour in the bathroom can also be seen in Glass Design’s Globo half-moon basins in four brand new colourways, in addition to its classic black and white. When paired with the brand’s new Bloom wash-stand, it creates a versatile and stylish vanity area.

Kartell by Laufen is available at Carera Bathroom

The Sonar collection from Laufen, from Carera Bathroom
The Kartell Laufen collection features a colourful array of shelves, stools and accessories

3/6 Made for life

With homeowners paying more attention to the design of their bathroom, a variety of furniture pieces are now increasingly incorporated into the space to create a cosy and intimate environment. Include loose furniture in your bathroom, such as the colourful stools from Kartell by Laufen. These can be used as a seat by your vanity area and also doubles up as a side table. Don’t forget to include accessories such as shower trays; these can also help you to declutter your vanity area and keep your toiletries well-organised.
Complete the stylish tableau in your bathroom with the Sonar collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Laufen. Inspired by the shape of soundwaves, it features three-dimensional ridges on bathtubs and sinks made with the lightweight and ecological SaphirKeramik material.

Laufen is available at Carera Bathroom

The super-slim proportions of the Grohe Icon 3D is produced with 3D-printing technology
The Toto Neorest DH washlet, from  W. Atelier

4/6 Up the intelligence

Fittings and fixtures are incorporating more high-tech elements to create intuitive designs that provide added convenience and improve the sensory experience in the bathroom. “The bathroom fittings sector is using technology to transform the water experience at home,” says Audrey Yeo, vice president of marketing for Grohe in Asia. “At Grohe, we have recently introduced 3D printers in our production, a technology that was originally only used by premium manufacturers in the automotive and aircraft industry.” This production method offers the option to design customised faucets in small quantities and allows for virtually any geometry possible.
When it comes to hygiene, achieve extraordinarily high standards with the Toto Neorest DH washlet. Its latest products integrate the Japanese brand’s powerful Tornado flush, E water+ system (which sprays the toilet bowl with electrolysed water for an antibacterial effect), deodoriser and a rimless bowl design.

Grohe is available at multiple locations including Grohe Spa; Toto is available at W. Atelier

Hansgrohe Rainfinity shower
The Gessi Outdoor wellness shower system

5/6 Ode to nature

As the bathroom is increasingly regarded as a respite from the stresses of urban living, more nature-inspired concepts are being introduced into this space. “There is a revival and appreciation from the design community towards fresh and natural looking-materials, and Geberit designers enjoy the raw beauty and intrigue of nature,” says Daniel Looi, head of marketing at Geberit North and South East Asia. The design of Geberit Sigma 21 features a natural stone on the toilet flush plate; it’s manufactured from a single piece of fine-textured Brazilian slate, with chrome tones outlining the flush buttons.
Look to Gessi’s new freestanding shower column for a sleek addition to your pool area. Specially designed for the outdoors, it combines durable materials and a minimalist form. Daily bathroom rituals can also be elevated with Hansgrohe’s Rainfinity showers that envelop the entire body in water. They feature three spray modes, which emulate the invigorating sensation of bathing in the rain.

Geberit is available at multiple locations; Gessi is available at Bathroom Gallery

The Glass Design Globo basins are now available in jewel tones
The Kartell by Laufen collection features acrylic shelves in shades including emerald and navy
A bathroom faucet from the Grohe Essence collection

6/6 Marvellous metals

Personalisation is key to an effective bathroom design; with a growing variety of customisation options, it’s easy to achieve a cohesive look within the space. An increased array of metallic finishes, ranging from rose gold, brass to graphite tones, bring a hint of glamour to the bathroom while adding to the cohesive look of your interior.
“Consumer expectations are evolving quickly; they are much more selective when it comes to designing their personal living spaces,” says Yeo. He recommends the Grohe Colours Collection, which features 10 scratch-resistant colours and metallic finishes; it comprises a full range of faucets, shower systems, flush plates and accessories that you can customise and colour-coordinate.

Grohe is available at multiple locations including Grohe Spa

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