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Travel 5 Minutes With… Natalya Pavchinskaya, Founder And CEO Of The Sanchaya

5 Minutes With… Natalya Pavchinskaya, Founder And CEO Of The Sanchaya

5 Minutes With… Natalya Pavchinskaya, Founder And CEO Of The Sanchaya
By Cheryl Chan
March 11, 2019
We speak to Natalya Pavchinskaya, Founder and CEO Of The Sanchaya on why our society friends just can’t get enough of this luxury estate in Bintan

CEO. Executive Producer. Hotel Owner. Those are just the many hats that Natalya Pavchinskaya wears. And it is precisely the hectic lifestyle of having such a multifaceted career that motivated the Russian businesswoman to build her very own luxury retreat just 45-min away from Singapore.

Inspired by the Russian tradition of a dacha, a seasonal second home that many Russians keep to escape the fast and stressful pace of the city, Pavchinskaya sought to create just that with The Sanchaya, a tranquil, colonial-style beachfront property on the island of Bintan that seeks to celebrate the history and culture of Southeast Asia.

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While the estate might only be less than an hour away from Singapore, stepping foot onto the property evokes feelings of being in another world—one that is peaceful, serene and catered to your every need. The Sanchaya also prides itself on being a regional creative platform for emerging talent, playing host to world class musicians and artists at the estate. In fact, during our stay at The Sanchaya, we had the privilege of attending a private salon held by Igor Yuzefovich, concert master for the BBC Symphony and Ng Pei-Sian, principal cellist of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

We speak to Natalya Pavchinskaya on what sets this luxury resort from the rest.

Natalya Pavchinskaya
Natalya Pavchinskaya

What inspired you to open up The Sanchaya? Was owning a luxury resort something you had always wanted to do?
Natalya Pavchinskaya (NP) I used to visit Bintan over the weekends when I first moved to Singapore, and when I heard that the plot of land was available, I instantly fell in love with it. Whilst opening a luxury resort had not been a longstanding dream, my devotion to and passion for the arts was what ultimately drove me to build The Sanchaya.

What are some of the details that set The Sanchaya apart from other luxury resorts?
NP There’s something about The Sanchaya that is hard to describe unless you have spent time there. I truly believe this is a result of the creativity and inspiration that surrounds the estate. The artwork within the property was also curated over a three year period prior to opening, and since then, we have welcomed international talent to spend time with us. 

Aside from this, we are extremely lucky to have some of the most talented people working for us who create an unforgettable guest experience. In addition to artists and musicians, we regularly host visiting experts, such as world-class personal trainers and life coaches to offer something a little extra to our guests.

There’s something about The Sanchaya that is hard to describe unless you have spent time there

Natalya Pavchinskaya

As The Sanchaya prides itself as a regional creative platform for emerging talent, how do you go about selecting the creatives to have an in-house residency at the resort?
NP I’m dedicated to supporting emerging artists. I’m always looking to be inspired, and oftentimes, it is the younger generations who have the most revolutionary ideas. VR and film are two particular areas of interest to me at the moment and are both things I’m exploring. 

We recently hosted a film investment event at the estate, with Dev Patel and John Collee of Hotel Mumbai. The following day, John wrote two brand new film ideas—the estate and the conversations that were held there sparked not one, but two new ideas—that is what The Sanchaya is all about. 

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What draws these creatives to perform at The Sanchaya?
NP One of the main reasons for this is likely the fact that The Sanchaya is under an hour away from Singapore’s Changi airport. It’s serene, calm, and inspiring—away from the bustle of the city, but still within easy access. It also offers a platform within Asia—whose art scene is rapidly growing—for these new and upcoming talents.

Are there any other musical acts or artists that you would love to host at The Sanchaya?
NP Our focus is on hugely talented yet relatively unknown performers. In the past, we have been connected with SingJazz and to the artistic and musical scene in Singapore and inviting this talent to The Sanchaya. As well as artists from SingJazz, we have also had classical musicians based in London at the estate.

In order to have variety and to continually inspire and create, I am looking into more edgy/electronic musicians, who could add a new edge to The Sanchaya.

As someone who travels a lot, what makes the ideal holiday destination?
NP Somewhere that will inspire me and teach me something new—a place that will open my mind.

I’m lucky enough to have travelled all over the world, and whilst it’s amazing to stay in nice hotels and dine in nice restaurants, the most memorable experiences are ones that truly make you think and discover something about yourself and life that you may not otherwise have realized.


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