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Toys 5 Insane Gifts To Buy This Christmas

5 Insane Gifts To Buy This Christmas

5 Insane Gifts To Buy This Christmas
By Hayden Ng, Chong Seow Wei and Hashirin Nurin Hashimi
December 02, 2016

OMG doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Louis Vuitton Customised Caviar Trunk
In the past, the artisans at Louis Vuitton have created bespoke cases for almost anything you can think of. Cakes, yes. Champagne, why not. Flowers, you got it! Naturally, caviar comes next. Nevermind the absurdity of the idea, this food truck (we’re kidding) comes with its own mother-of-pearl cutlery; it’s been said that they help retain the flavour of the precious delicacy. We counted four shot glasses stored alongside the serving bowls, because there’s always room for a stiff drink post-dinner. Add vodka to shopping list.


Guerlain le parfum sur mesure
If you’re going to drop some serious stacks on a fragrance, it better be bespoke. And it better be individually bottled by hand into several luxurious Baccarat crystal flasks. There’s something to be said of Guerlain’s le parfum sur measure. Working with the perfumer, you’ll be picking the magic that go into your original concoction. Not unlike a piece of custom couture, the process involves several “fittings” and can take up to a year before completion. Take a chill pill; it’s worth the wait. 


Bugatti Chiron
It takes the name of a certain Louis Chiron, who raced for Bugatti and swept the top prizes in the Grand Prix races of the 1920s and ’30s. Meet the Bugatti Chiron, a formidable force among its peers thanks to its 8L W16 engine and a carbon-fibre monocoque. 

Its strong lines, particularly the fin running down the centre of its body, is inspired by the regal Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. While the hypercar, launched at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2016, only comes as a left-hand drive for now, don’t let that stop you from breaking your Christmas budget. Like a coveted piece of art, the Chiron will sex up your car collection even if all it does is sit there, in silence.


Berluti Cigar Box
Think of this as an exquisite safe for your Cuban Cohiba Esplendido. Berluti’s skilled craftsmen chose rare woods and combined them with the maison’s iconic patina to create this stylish storage. A humidifier ensures that your cigars are in TLC while you’re away. 

Lighting one on your private yacht? The customisable service allows you to create your very own handy mini trunk—various colours, patinas and materials available indeed. Since the boxes are individually handcrafted in France and Italy, the delivery process typically takes up to 12 weeks. Think of it as a happiness, pre-ordered.


A Million-dollar View
With a name like The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, the work of art is not so much inside as it is what it reveals of the outside. Find in this “gallery”, (read: hotel) floor-to-ceiling windows framing a magnificent view of Tokyo’s Akasaka district that’s steeped in nature and history, amid ultra-modern skyscrapers. Now’s a good time to whip out that DSLR. 

Starwood’s first Luxury Collection Hotel in the Japanese capital is designed by Rockwell Group Madrid and bears a striking contemporary aesthetic in its 250 guestrooms, including 11 opulent suites.



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