3 Ways You Can Get Your Heart Pumping

March 3, 2017 | BY Vanessa Chia

Getting fit is easy at the largest Fitness First outlet in Singapore.


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Fitness First is bringing its unique brand of exercise to Bugis Junction, which means its members will now have access to 17 clubs and 6 pools across Singapore, as well as over 1,500 classes a week.

At the 1,600 square-metre Bugis Junction outlet, you can enjoy state-of-the-art fitness equipment and one-of-a-kind exercise classes. In addition, the gym also boasts a unique Throwdown frame, the first in Singapore. This freestyle rig is perfect if you’re looking to switch up your workout routine by offering a variety of physical challenges.

The gym also offers the largest Group Exercise studio so no one will cramp your style as you jump, stretch or box your way to fitness. Plus, the seven workout zones offer a variety of different exercise classes and routines to get your heart and metabolic rate up for a truly adrenaline-pumping experience.

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If you’re looking for a quick training session, check out the range of 30-minute Freestyle Group Training (FGT) classes that promise an effective and efficient workout so you can zip in, work out and zip out all within your lunch hour. 

For non-members, Fitness First offers a Free Trial pass that provides a one-day full access to your club of choice, the use of all the facilities and includes all the group exercise classes you can do.

3 Exercises Classes You Got To Try

 1. Hero

Utilising Fitness First’s customised Throwdown frame, this exclusive exercise class focuses on lifting, pulling and climbing actions using your body’s own weight as resistance to build strength and muscles.

2. Game of Zones

Great as a team-building exercise, this exclusive exercise class brings together six of Fitness First’s toughest workouts. Challenge one another as you go through this 90-minute experience from incline running to training like Muay Thai fighters, and even circuit training on the Skillmill. 

3. Burn

For time-strapped gym bunnies, this is the class for you. This high-intensity 35-minute class is centred around the Ski Erg and Assault Bike that mimic skiing and cycling motions for an efficient cardiovascular workout to maximise calorie burning. 

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