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Art Design 10 Ways To Turn Your Home Into An Urban Sanctuary

10 Ways To Turn Your Home Into An Urban Sanctuary

10 Ways To Turn Your Home Into An Urban Sanctuary
By Singapore Tatler Homes
August 06, 2017

Every city has its own rhythm and more than half of the world’s population marches to an urban beat. Cities captivate with their unrelenting change, informed by the collective ambition of their citizens, resulting in constantly evolving streets and skylines.

In the August/September 2017 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes, we look at the pleasures of urban living and examine how we can make the most of our given space—whether penthouse or pied-à-terre, it’s not the size of the house that matters, but how one transforms it into a home.

From personalised details to a colourful array of art, we share the ways to make your home a cosy haven in the city.

Vintage touches

Take a truly personal approach to decorating your home, just as tastemaker and entrepreneur Aerin Lauder does. Her glamorous New York apartment is filled with meaningful, vintage pieces as well as designs from her eponymous brand. 
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Hues to love

Don’t be afraid to play with colour—a bright and light interior can serve as the perfect canvas for a vibrant array of artworks, as seen in this home in Barcelona. Designed by Jaime Beriestain, this stylish apartment pairs its elegant, Haussmann-inspired interior with a dynamic collection of contemporary art and colourful accents.

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Harmonious Living

Interconnected social spaces at this bright and airy abode makes home a really sweet home for its owners—with the bonus of being a stone’s throw away from their extended family. Readapted to the changing needs of three families, this multigenerational abode in Singapore situates its Nordic influence (its barn-like architecture is inspired by European winter lodges) within a tropical context, while celebrating the cosy Scandi-chic aesthetic that the owners adore.

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Decorative Splendour

Let your home glow with Art Deco-inspired lighting pieces that are not only sources of illumination, but also eye-catching works of art in any space. These lamps can pair beautifully with a classic look, as well as the sleek design scheme of a Scandinavian concept.

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City Chic

If you’re in the market for a move or a new home elsewhere, our property special in Report has a shortlist of the developments to covet and the cities to invest in. The Alberni in Vancouver, for instance, stands out with its curved structure that celebrates its urban and geographic, while proffering scenic views of the city and the mountainous landscape in the distance.

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Surreal Twist

Look out for unexpected details, that put a fun spin on decorating. These feature surreal elements that will enliven any space; and serve as a talking point with guests come cocktail hour.

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Collectible Art 

In the mood for redecorating? Consider these striking pieces by furniture designer Hervé Van der Straeten, who is famed for bold, architectural pieces that bridge the divide between interior design and contemporary art. What’s more, these limited edition pieces, like works of art, are increasingly sought after at auctions by private collectors.
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Culinary Style

Make every culinary adventure a stylish feat in your urban sanctuary with these accessories. Think rose-gold accents and a hint of marbled textures on everything from cutlery, trays to cheese boards, which makes each of these pieces such covetable finds.

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Gather Together

Shape your living room into a cosy, adaptable space that meets the needs of every member of the clan. From easy-care fabrics to baby-friendly furniture, read our selection of tips to craft a communal area that caters to the habits and needs of each member of the family—furry pets included. 

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Travel Inspiration 

Find inspiration everywhere, and while you’re travelling too. So stay in chic abodes and unique dwellings that will make your travel experience in these cities even more memorable. We list curated selections of such vacation homes from Boutique HomesWelcome Beyond and more. 

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