5 Leaders On The Skills Needed To Succeed In These Major Industries


May 8, 2018 | BY Chloe Pek

Planning your career path or going through a major career change? We ask 5 leaders in technology, hospitality, design, F&B and science on their advice for budding professionals entering their field.



“Don’t chase the bubble. Do something that really fires up your curiosity and passion, because then you will learn faster and that is already an edge over your peers, especially in the field of technology when research is churning out so quickly. A good foundation is always important, so be prepared to put in the hours, because you don’t just learn AI or programming overnight. Be diligent, be patient, and have a lot of perseverance.”

Annabelle Kwok, founder and CEO of NeuralBay

5 Leaders On The Skills Needed To Succeed In These Major Industries


“There’s never been a better time—what many call the second golden age of hospitality—to start a career in this industry, when it can take you farther than it does today. It can take you all over the world, to amazing places and heights and it can bring you to create entirely new experiences and concepts. So my advice is to get started, be creative, aim high and reach for excellence.”

Paul Gabie, Co-founder and CEO of The Proof Collective



“To be in this profession, you have to have the appetite for the unknown and enjoy the pursuit of figuring things out. The scary thing about new ideas is that you have no reference point, so no one will be able to tell you if it is good or bad—but you need to find the confidence to present your work before an audience. At the same time, you need to have the humility to recognise when something is not working and learn from mistakes.”

Olivia Lee, Design director of Olivia Lee

5 Leaders On The Skills Needed To Succeed In These Major Industries

Food & Drink

Do it! Don’t think so much. Of course, there’s more to it than just doing it, but F&B is not rocket science. Pick a category or cuisine you like, start in a restaurant, learn the trade, and from there, things will move on. You never know unless you take the first step.”

Brian Chua, CEO OF Tsuta Global



“Having a strong foundation in the sciences and mathematics is a prerequisite, but without any interest, it doesn’t matter if you are the top scorer. Doing a PhD is sometimes a five-year effort, so you must be able to accept failure, everyday. The key is not giving up—because nobody is going to give you a degree out of sympathy. Having a very good mentor helps as well, and I’ve personally had many good mentors along the way.”

Juliana Chan, founder and CEO of Wildtype Media Group

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