Oon Shu An

Oon Shu An

Oon Shu An, who wrote and performed #UnicornMoment, a multiplatform one-woman show presented by Checkpoint Theatre, which was nominated for Best Original Script at the 2015 M1-The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards, is quite the unicorn herself. Rather than leaping into the spotlight as thespians are wont to do, the 31-year-old actress and host of popular beauty review series Tried and Tested by local content company Clicknetwork was led there by her parents to overcome her shyness as a child. We are glad for the speech and drama classes she took (although we think she already had it in her), and will be seeing more of the bubbly personality in upcoming theatre productions such as Michael Chiang’s Army Daze 2. Other creative pursuits now include playing the guqin (a seven-string zither). “I had visions of playing in the mountains, drinking tea and learning poetry.”

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