Nathan Hartono

Nathan Hartono

Nathan Hartono has gotten a lot more attention since he became the first runner-up in the first season of reality contest television programme Sing! China. “It has become a little harder to live a normal life,” he quips, but new music and upcoming roles in a musical and a movie mean the debonair 26-year-old is embracing the new status quo. Who would have guessed that he once thought performing on a stage was “an impossible thing to do”? But he held on to the dream. “If the past five years has shown us anything, Singaporeans are finding their unique voice in the arts. Soon it will get so loud, the world won’t be able to ignore it,” he enthuses. When he is resting his voice, he cooks, travels, gets silly with his adorable Shih Tzu, Nicky, and trains his professional fighting skills.

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