Kenjiro Hashida

Kenjiro Hashida

Not content to live under the shadow of his famous father, master sushi chef Tokio Hashida of Tokyo’s renowned Hashida Sushi, 38-year-old Kenjiro Hashida, or better known as Hatch, has proved himself more than competent by setting up the restaurant’s first overseas branch in Singapore. The chef-owner of Hashida Sushi Singapore’s exquisitely executed food may leave you reluctant to consume it for fear of breaking the spell, but it is the “smiles of customers after enjoying their meals with us” that drives him, so we dig in. What we find admirable is his focus on delivering warm hospitality and creativity in a cuisine that champions tradition. When he is not creating art on a plate, he turns to painting and designing clothes and accessories for creative expression—like the quirky bag he is wearing for this shoot.

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